Singapore : Little Bits and Pieces

TR 2962 - East Coast, Singapore

Singapore, our homeland, is more than just the Merlion or the Marina Bay Sands and Universal Studios….

Pulau Tekong, Singapore

The 203 Training Shed, otherwise known as the Hand Grenade Course area.
Tekong has an Onsen!
A Hill named after Sergeant Rocky...or is it the other way round?
An Island that was wiped off the maps, but still around physically.

There is also a blog about Pulau Tekong here.

Step in Time

Inspired by Ivan Ng, The "Why?" Questions in army.
Sketches done by Xin Li during his NSF days.
The one word you always wait for during a graduation parade.
"Delegation" sounds chim, so CSM uses it.
Not that kind of buddy you want in army.
Images of National Service : Sketches and Photographs.
What we makan.
NS Days : Sketches by Xin Li.
"ORD loh!"  by Mu Yao after 1 Year 10 Months of National Service.
"The Day we ORD, we Jumped on the Roof"

Fullerton Hotel - East Facade

The Cluny in Singapore where the former Raffles College continues to serve the role of an educational institute as the Law Faculty of NUS.

A walk around the Fullerton Heritage and have some cakes too! Its half priced after 6 pm! We also stayed at the Fullerton Hotel for one night.

Bukit Pasoh, complete with ornate shophouses and German food and sweets from granny!
Explore Changi, with its old barracks and quaint, seaside setting.

We went for a walk around Seletar, a transformed land. The epitome of Singapore's present state of dichotomy between the past and future.

Black Sheep Cafe - Crispy Pork Cheeks


Dining with a view...more than 200 metres above ground. That's Stellar by 1 Rochester.
Delicious Italian cuisine at Da Paolo Ristorante in quaint Jalan Merah Sega.
Great Pastas at Galbiati Gourmet Deli.

Perfect for that casual gathering at Group Therapy.
Fragrant Coffee and affordable breakfast at SoHo Seven.
Would love to have seconds if not thirds of Casuarina's Plain Pratas.
Nothing's plain at the Plain.
Get spruced up for the day at the Spruce.

Decent Thai food at E-Sarn Thai. Love the Phad Thai!
Fancy some Filipino Cuisine at Bonifacio?
Chant your way to Indian epicurean nirvana at Spice Sutra.
Tasty Hainanese Beef Noodles at Kheng Fatt.

Pique Nique for some chowder!
Antoinette for some French bites.
Cocotte for a French meal!
for some dim sum at Victor's Kitchen.

Triple 3, is it worth it?
How about going Indian at Go India?
Japanese lunch with Shin Yuu. Love the Hotate Mentaiyaki.
Recommended by ieatishootipost. We must definitely try Teochew Muay!
How about a semi buffet at Zenden, located in the chic Gallery Hotel?
Dim Sum Lunch cannot be more grand than Jade located in the historic Fullerton building.
Cafebiz at Traders Hotel decided to go Thai.

the moose & snowman

the soft toy. the soft toy.

makan corner

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