Jalan Jalan in Changi

Fairy Point Command House - Pathway

24th September 2011. Written by Xin Li.
Photographs by Xin Li and Goh Weixiang.

School is starting and I missed visiting Changi. Changi with its abandoned army camps, chalets, coastal boardwalk and a big food center is the perfect place to escape from the rat race madness in Singapore.

Changi - Heritage Tree (Stump)

Here in Changi, there are plenty of greenery for your eyes and even some heritage trees.

Fairy Point Command House - Changi Airbase

It is a place full of history and having passed here several times during 1 year plus of booking in and booking out, Changi has a special place in my heart.

Changi Point - Pulau Tekong

There are new developments going on in this relatively untouched part of Singapore. A low rise hotel designed by DP Architects and developed by Haggai Institute of Advanced Leadership Training is probably going to threaten the fragile tranquility in Changi.

Fairy Point Command House - Front

This majestic looking structure is located just next to the new hotel (under construction) and the Fairy Point chalets. Despite being overgrown with weeds and the likes and its yellow and white paints peeling off the walls, the structure continues to exert a kind of monumentality beyond its decayed façade.

Fairy Point Command House - Facade

Fairy Point Command House - Sideview

The building has a similar design as those found around Gillman Camp area as well as the Selarang Camp HQ Building. You also find the same architecture in the remaining colonial buildings in Pulau Tekong and Pulau Sejahat.

Fairy Point Command House - Verandah

The architecture of this building revealed a mixture of both European and Asian vernacular architecture. For example, Neo-classical style of Europe is combined with the concept of a verandah to adapt to the hot tropical climate of Southeast Asia. It has its roots in Anglo-Indian architecture.

Fairy Point Command House - Stage is Yours

Parts of the building do look a little creepy such as this shower area.

Fairy Point Command House - Rainforest

The cubicles still have notices ordering soldiers to keep the showers clean.

Fairy Point Command House - Shower Cubicles

We are not alone in the building, there are quite a few bats around too.

Fairy Point Command House - Signal Platoon

More information of the building can be found here by One North Urban Explorers. They did a pretty nice post about the building. More photographs:

Fairy Point Command House - Colonial

Fairy Point Command House - Arch and Vents

Fairy Point Command House - Details

These twisted branches looked grotesque.

Fairy Point Command House - Hair

The place does feel a little creepy sometimes.

Fairy Point Command House - Suspense

Blind corners around the stairs etc creates a feeling of suspense, as if something is going to pop out…in the past I guess soldiers have the same fear too….(of their Sergeant Major or some legendary sadistic Corporal popping out of nowhere)

Fairy Point Command House - Creepers

Entering the “Signal Platoon” room led us to this room with tiles still intact on the walls and counters. Looked like some sort of kitchen area rather than a storeroom or admin office that you could find upstairs.

Fairy Point Command House - Rear

The long corridors with its dramatic lighting seemed to provide a nice backdrop for portrait shots. There was a room upstairs that has electric fans and power supply and the floors has been covered with sheets.

Fairy Point Command House - Sgt Lee at the Corridor

Rooms have tall ceilings, not only it creates a kind monumental feel, and makes the place more spacious, it is also practical as there is more room for hot air to rise and cool down, allowing convectional currents to cool and ventilate the building (until air conditioning came).

Fairy Point Command House - Hall

Air vents found near the top of the ceiling helps to facilitate ventilation in the rooms. The same application can be seen in the Black and White Bungalows and Shophouses.

Fairy Point Command House - Stairwell

Like many old buildings in the area, the former Command House which has been used by the British Armed Forces and the Commandos of the Singapore Armed Forces has plenty of tales surrounding it.

Fairy Point Command House - Door to ?

This historical building is without doubt, an architectural heritage treasure. I hope it would stay as it is or at least not be demolished (including the interior).

Changi Beach Board Walk

After a short visit to the Former Commando Post, we walked towards the Changi Boardwalk which connects Cranwell Road to Changi Point Ferry Terminal.

Changi Point - Waves

Along the way, we are treated to some peaceful sea views with Pulau Ubin and Pulau Tekong forming part of the backdrop.

Changi Beach

It was quiet despite being a weekend.

Changi Point - Banana Boat

It was livelier at the Sailing Club with some families having fun with the Banana Boat (that you can find in Patong). On the other side of Changi Beach, it is normally very crowded with families pitching tents and bringing their own pot of curry to enjoy the weekend. However, we didn’t check out that day.

Changi Point - SR 1993 C

I stopped to do a sketch along the way. I wished I had more time to sketch the scenery here. However, Weixiang is getting very hungry, so we headed for Changi Village Food Centre.

Changi Point - Sgt Lee Sketching

Good'ol, affordable hawker fare!

Changi Village Food Center - Rong Ji Ipoh Hor Fun

I had the nostalgic Ipoh Hor Fun (3.00 SGD) from Rong Ji located at #10-04. Still as good as before, soft (some find it a little too soft though), smooth noodles with a tasty sauce topped with generous amounts of ingredients such as fried wanton, char siew and shredded chicken. A little oily though.

Changi Village Food Center - Rong Ji Ipoh Hor Fun

We also had Sugar Cane Juice (1.40 SGD) from Sembawang Hot and Cold Drinks opposite Rong Ji, but it tasted more like lemon juice, the sugarcane is simply too faint. After which, I had Ice Jelly. A simply dessert of shaved ice topped with jelly, cocktail fruits, lime and drizzled with sweet syrup. It is my favorite dessert on a hot day.

Changi - Loyang Way

By afternoon, we went back, passing by Changi Chapel and Selarang Camp. I hope to visit Changi again.

Changi - Selarang


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