Stellar : Dining with a View

Stellar - Dining on Top

23rd August 2011. Written by Xin Li. An Invited Session.
Commanding a vista of the Marina Bay and Civic District 62 levels above ground in the UOB Tower is the stylish and classy restaurant, Stellar. The restaurant, helmed by the Group Executive Chef Christopher Millar, an Australian chef trained in London. The restuarant is a fine dining establishment under the Rochester Group.

Stellar - Group Executive Chef Christopher Millar

As Singapore is not a place with distinct seasons like that of Japan or Australia, Chef Christopher explained that there are difficulties to maintain a seasonal cuisine as certain cuisine isn’t suitable for the climate in Singapore. For example, the Winter Menu is often too heavy for the tropical climate here.

Stellar - Chef Christopher Millar

Attempts to draw Chef Christopher....

Nonetheless, aims to churn out food with the best seasonal ingredients such as artichokes and asparagus and at the same time refining the current signatures such as the Tomahawk Steak and Lobster Risotto.

Stellar - Doodles

Furthermore, while Stellar appears to be a fine dining establishment, the mood is somewhat casual, echoing Chef Christopher’s attitude towards cooking. No rules, straight to the point, stay true to genuine cooking the food should not intimidate the diners while providing variety and maintaining a level of sophistication. In short, food is kept simple and ingredients take the center stage.

Stellar - Dining Table

The stylish and classy interior of Stellar is the creative product of Suite Interior Design, the designers behind the interior design of One Rochester. I like how the overall design carries a hint of playfulness with the use of curves and there is a contrast between interaction of solid and reflective surfaces. The abundance of cool natural lighting during the day mixed with the warm, defused lighting creates a cozy atmosphere to dine in.

Stellar - Interior

An arresting array of breads, pastries, nibbles, appetisers, salads and broths.”

Warm rustic bread was being served and re-filled throughout the meal by attentive servers. Butter and olive oil with balsamic vinegar were served along with the bread.

Stellar - Bread

Twice Baked Gruyere Soufflé

Two Cheese Sauces, Yellow Frisee and Truffle Salad (20.00++ SGD)

Stellar - Twice Baked Gruyere Soufflé

I always thought gruyere would have a strong flavor but the this soufflé proved otherwise with a milder flavour, the cheese soufflé has a nice moist creamy interior that goes very well with the cheese sauces, my favourite is the blue cheese sauce.

Stellar - Twice Baked Gruyere Soufflé

Seared Hokkaido Scallop and Octopus

Steamed Ginger Custard, Ikura and Sevruga Caviar (24.00++ SGD)

Stellar - Seared Hokkaido Scallop and Octopus

The Hokkaido Scallops were very tender and the octopus was slightly chewy. The two kinds of condiments such as the mildly spicy but sweet ginger custard and briny sevruga caviar gives these fresh seafood chunks a unami factor.

Stellar - Seared Hokkaido Scallop and Octopus

Charcuterie Taster (48.00++ SGD)
served with homemade pickles, quince compote and rustic bread. The Kurobuta Pork and Guinea Fowl Terrine is appetizing but carries a bitter aftertaste. The Foie Gras Parfait and Salmon Rilette goes very the bread with its rich flavor and creamy texture.

Stellar - Charcuterie Taster

I am not a fan of cold cuts, but I really enjoyed the Chorizo for its spicy and savoury flavors.
Also served on the Charcuterie Taster are thinly sliced hams such as Jamon Sarrano and Jamon Iberico.

Stellar - Sashimi

Crisp, clean Japanese inspired dishes, which will provoke the palate with their
simplicity in concept and complexity in flavour. Trained in the traditions of
Japanese sushi artistry our sushi chef pushes the boundaries and perceptions
of what defines modern sushi

Stellar - Sashimi

Sashimi Moriawase : Chef’s Premium Selection of Sashimi (55.00++ SGD)

Hotate, maguro, hamachi, sake, otoro, ikura, and caviar are part of the grand assembly of sashimi on the table. Very fresh, and I enjoyed hotate served with lemon slices the most. It was smooth, succulent and comes with with a refreshing splash of lemon juice.

Stellar - Sushi

Sushi, one of the best dishes for the night.

Stellar - Sushi

Spicy Tuna Roll (18.00++ SGD) – With bonito flakes and spring onion is a crispy and slightly spicy maki sushi.

Swordfish Roll (20.00++ SGD) – With fresh crabmeat, prawns and aka miso is slightly creamy with a chunk of crabmeat. It is quite sweet.

Lobster Roll – (28.00++ SGD) - Lobster, flying fish roe, avocado and moro miso is the most expensive among the sushi, mild sweet and very fresh. They used Maine lobster for the lobster meat.

Salmon Nigiri Sushi – A simple sushi of salmon with sushi rice. Well executed. Fresh salmon and not too thin.

Stellar - Ocean Trout and Swordfish Tataki

Ocean Trout and Swordfish Tataki (28.00++ SGD) Seared Ocean Trout and Swordfish with Miso Citron Sauce. I enjoyed the sweet and sour miso citron sauce and the freshness of the thick slices of quality fish. However, I felt that there is something missing in this dish.

Stellar - Ocean Trout and Swordfish Tataki

"Handmade pasta formed with the freshest organic duck and hens eggs with
prime grade semolina grain.

Stellar - Truffled Risotto

Truffled Risotto (48.00++ SGD) with Poached Maine Lobster. Very delicious and fragrant risotto with generous chunks of lobster and shavings of black truffle. They are somewhat too generous with the truffle oil but I still find it very tasty and enjoyable, the lobster was tender and the risotto was just right for me.

These dishes come straight from the heart. Age-old slow cooking methods
which demand nurturing and care, re-invented with a modern twist.”

Stellar - Slow Roasted Suckling Pig with Iberico Jamon and Fig Stuffing

Slow Roasted Suckling Pig with Iberico Jamon and Fig Stuffing – Kurobuta Pork Belly, fried apples, apple and pear jelly and crackles. (48.00++ SGD)

While the pork was rather tasty and crispy, the accompanying sweet and sour apple and pear jelly is simply too strong as a sauce, it simply overwhelmed the flavor of the pork.

Stellar - Grain Fed ‘Tomahawk’ Rib Eye

"Custom made wood-fired grill and rotisserie burning specialty imported woods
from Korea and the US to impart a distinctive smokey character.

Grain Fed ‘Tomahawk’ Rib Eye (140.00++ SGD for 800g)
This gigantic meaty dish was served with an assortment of sauces, butter and sides is best shared among 4-5 people. The scale of meat also meant that there is a variation of doneness throughout the meat hence accommodating to different taste buds.

Stellar - Grain Fed ‘Tomahawk’ Rib Eye

Among the assortments of condiments, there is wasabi butter, hollandaise sauce and a wine based, tangy sauce (Bolard/ Molard sauce?). The sides also include Smashed Peas and Mint (I felt that they could go easy with the mint for this, otherwise it was very tasty). The signature paris mash potato is also one of the sides.

Stellar - Trio Fraise

The One Caramel Patisserie features an all new decadent and whimsical
array of petite cakes, tarts and desserts. Created by Head Pastry Chef Mimi
Wahadi, the focus is on modern interpretations of classics with a lighter touch.”

Stellar - Tropical Teaser

Tropical Teaser (16.00++ SGD)Cheesecake with a twist! Mascarpone Cheese Cream with Coconut Crumble topped with Fresh Juicy Mangoes served with a Tangy Lemon Sorbet on a Macaron. This dessert will suit the with people who prefer the sour side of desserts. The cheese cake was smooth, rich and creamy but the pineapples, coupled with the sourness of the cream cheese makes it a little too sour for me taste.

Stellar - Tropical Vodka Trifle

Tropical Vodka Trifle (16.00++ SGD) Pineapple Gazpacho Jelly, Pineapple Sponge Cubes with Crystallized Baked Almonds Topped with Refreshing Coconut Sorbet. This dessert brings back a kind of nostalgic feeling, it tasted like a good pineapple tart during Chinese New Year and at the same time it reminded me of a good coconut ice cream in Thailand. Love this dessert.

Stellar - Trio Fraise

Trio Fraise (16.00++ SGD)Layers of Fresh Strawberries, Vanilla Genoise and Strawberry Mousseline with Golden Brown Puff Pastry Flakes served with Refreshing Berry Jelly and Strawberry Compote on Pavlova. I enjoyed the Strawberry Shortcake in this dessert, it is not too sweet, light and has a crispy layer of puff pastry flakes that adds a crunch to this dessert.

Stellar - Chocolate Seduction

Chocolate Seduction (16.00++ SGD) 1-Caramel Cocoa Signature with varying layers of hazelnut chocolate praline feulletine, valrhona orange sauce and warm chocolate almond lava cake. This dessert got me seduced without doubt. I enjoyed the combined symphony of various chocolate textures coming together in one bite. From crispy to rich and creamy, it is multiple layers of chocolate heaven. The moist, warm chocolate cake was tasty too, thanks to the valrhona orange sauce.

Stellar - Cappuccino

Lastly, end the meal with a really beautifully crafted and freshly brewed cup of Cappuccino (10.00++ SGD).

Stellar - View

After your meal, you could head up to 1-Altitude for a cocktail and enjoy the breathe-taking night view, 280 metres above the ground. At sunset, the view must be awesome. One tip though, go early to avoid the crowd, a sign of 1 Altitude’s popularity as a hang out place.

Stellar - Marina Bay Sands

2 to 3 courses set lunches at Stellar cost 28.00++ SGD to the 40.00++ SGD if you opt for premium supplements such as foie gras and artisanal cheeses. While it might not be cheap, it is worth splurging a special occasion, where you could dine a magnificent panorama of Singapore with quality food to complement with. Did I mention the service was good too?

1Altitude - View

I will like to thank Chiew Yen and Lily from the 1-Rochester Group for the invitation and Group Executive Chef Christopher Millar, the kitchen and Stellar for the excellent meal and service.


1 Raffles Place, Level 62 One Raffles Place (OUB Centre)

Tel: +65 64380410

Opening Hours
Mon – Fri: 1130–230 & 6–12am
Sat, Sun & PH: 6pm – 12am


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