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21 September 2011. Written by Vinleon.

I love curry. That's why Go India has piqued my interest ever since its opening in Vivo City. But the traditionalist (and partly economist) in me tells me that tasty curry is out there in the coffeeshops and if I can have great curry without having to pay a premium, why should I dine here?
So the Groupon offer was a chance for me and my friend to experience Indian food in a different setting.
The service staff were attentive (maybe because there wasn’t anyone in the restaurant, yet), and sat me down in the brightly-lit restaurant. 
As usual, I took a stroll around the spread to have an overview of the buffet. To my disappointment, THERE WAS NO CURRY! =((( but it became a lesson for me - Indian food is not all about curry.

Anyway, there’s a little salad bar, dessert bar, some main dishes and free flow coffee and tea. 

And once you settle down with some food, the service staff promptly serves up a basket of Naan (which, with its oily sheen, looks pan-fried to me. I’m not sure on that).
Of particular interest to me:

The Chicken Zafrani Kebab looks dry, and honestly I didn’t want to try it, until my friend urged me to. The meat was surprisingly moist, and the charred, oven-roasted taste adds to the overall flavor.
Of all the dishes, only the Lentils Dhal went well with the basket of Naan. The lentils were well cooked and soft, but nothing to rave about.

Avoid the spicy tomato soup; it tastes like water and boiled tomato with chilli oil and some other spices.
As expected, it’s not somewhere I’ll pay much for. Not that it’s disappointing, but there’s still better Indian food out there (Al-Ameem, anyone?) at a more affordable price.


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