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Its All about TASTE - Interior

26th October 2011. Written by Xin Li.
Located at the Ibis Bencoolen Hotel, we hop by for lunch as we were attracted by the “1 for 1 Set” banners outside the restaurant.

As it was a public holiday, we were unsure if the promotion applies hence we asked the staff whether the promotion is on for day. We were told it was on until our orders were made. It was an unpleasant shock. we cancelled a few orders and proceed with the meal. On a positive note, the manager and waiter were apologetic for the oversight.

Its All about TASTE - Lunch

Fortunately, the food turned out pretty tasty. I had the Chicken Rice. The meat was tender and the rice was fragrant. Drizzle a bit dark sauce, green ginger-like mash and chili sauce, it was delightful. The dark sauce is more like sweet sauce though.

Its All about TASTE - Roast Duck with Plum Sauce

Mu Yao had the Roast Duck with Plum Sauce. It was delicious as well. The sweet, fruity plum sauce went well with the tender duck slices.

The star of the meal has got to be the Black Pepper Crab which was served with a petite mantou for you to dip the tasty, addictive black pepper sauce. There was substantial amount of meat though it was slightly dry. The best part of this dish remains to be the sauce which was not too spicy, quite sweet and addictive. I wiped up the sauce clean with the mantou and cucumber slices from the chicken rice.

Its All about TASTE - Black Pepper Crab

Overall, service was a little slow and the promotion banners were quite misleading but it was our own responsibility to read the terms and conditions before entering the restaurant.

No complaints for the food. 15++ SGD bucks for 3x chili or black pepper crab (or a combination of other dishes) seemed like a good deal but one might still find it slightly expensive for hawker fare which makes the 1-for-1 a really good deal if it was valid.

15++ for 3 dishes, 18++ for 4 dishes and 22++ for 5 dishes.

Its All about TASTE

Address: 170 Bencoolen Street, Ibis Hotel,

Tel: +65 6593 2886

Opening HoursMon–Sun: 12pm – 10.30pm


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