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Japan Food Town opened with a bang in 2016. It has been almost two years plus since. Some of the restaurants has changed or revamped their menu. Yakitori Taira is a recent addition to the Japan Food Town, taking over the space of the former Taki Kyoto Grill and Sake which took over the former Dassai Bar. Would this newcomer from Aoyama, Tokyo last?

The eatery is still operating at the point of writing. The restaurant as its name suggests, specializes in grilled skewers but the same cooking techniques of grilling on charcoal also works for preparing smoky, grilled chicken meat used for Japanese Oyako-don : chicken meat and egg rice bowl.

It is hard to find a good oyako-don in Singapore as not everyone gets the right balance of a semi-fluid egg texture, good chicken, good rice and and then food with flavours. Yakitori Taira does a decent oyako-don. The chicken meat was good, it has the nice smoky flavours from the grill and the egg was very well done, not too cooked to become a dry sitting omelette or too moist to be eating egg porridge, it was just right and was delicately seasoned. While the chicken was okay, there are little rough edges where some of the meat were on the dry side. Otherwise, it is a rather decent oyako-don if you are looking for one that is quite close to what you might find in Tokyo or Kyoto.

4F Wisma Atria 
435 Orchard Rd 
Singapore 238877


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