Selegie | Big Lazy Chop 大懒排

Big Lazy Chop is located within the building of the former Selegie Primary School, next to the historical Selegie House built in 1963. The eatery aims to be both a beer garden and Chinese style bistro and tries to create a warm family-like makan area that is great for late night drinks over some yummy pork ribs.

We started off with some snacks like the Crispy Baby Sliver Fish (8.00++ SGD) which would surely go well with the wide selection of beers Big Lazy Chop offers. One that we enjoyed was the Pecreresse by Lindemans Brewery in Belgium which is comparable to a pleasant umeshu. One of the aims of Big Lazy Chop is to serve a diverse selection of craft beers and offer a kind of beer garden atmosphere with a quaint setting and good tze-char style food.

However winner among the appetizers must be the limited Handmade Fresh Crab Money Bags (20.00++ SDG) that Big Lazy Chop makes. Filled with generous portions of crab and expertly crafted with egg white instead of the usual dough. The Fresh Crab Money Bags has a very delicate texture but filled with flavorful broth and succulent crab meat.

Big Lazy Chop also hopped onto the “Simi sai also kiam nerng” bandwagon with their Salted Egg Yolk version of their Big Lazy Prawns (22.00++ SGD) but the memorable ones were the Crispy Crackers version which is almost like a har cheong gai version of the battered prawns. The prawns were really fresh, done just right and coated with keropok which has a mild prawn flavor. The variation in flavours and the combination of textures worked really well.

The star of Big Lazy Chop was unsurprisingly, the Pork Ribs where the name and reputation of the restaurant is at stake. Fortunately, Big Lazy Chop delivered (with a premium) quality and a feel-good feeling as you savour the tender, thoroughly marinated, juicy XL Spare Ribs (25.00++ SGD) with your hands (gloves provided). 

The method of eating it and the amazing pork ribs made this one of the highlights of the dinner. For more shiokness, the Drunken XL Spare Ribs (28.00++ SGD) upped the level with Butter Champagne and Butter Beer options. There is also a coffee version.

In between the main courses, we also had some filler dishes like the French Bean with Minced Pork (9.00++ SGD) and Hot Plate Hakka Beancurd (13.00++ SGD)

If you are into crabs, the Wok-Fried XL Crabs, Indo Curry version was rather impressive too. The crabs itself was really good, the flesh comes off nicely, it was springy and most importantly fresh, nothing like those limp, ex-crabs that has been wasted. The curry itself is another thing to go for in this dish. It was very fragrant, flavourful and quite unlike the usual curry crab we are used to in a good way.

I wished they have more desserts. Nonetheless, Big Lazy Chop offers three kinds of desserts and probably makes sure they are good at that three. At least for the Fried Chestnut Bars, it was delicious and a little different from the usual Chinese desserts. Otherwise, there is always Montana and Rochor Beancurd in the area.

Big Lazy Chop
#01-04, 1A Short Street
Singapore 188210

Many thanks to Food News PR for the invitation and hospitality!


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