PoMo | Thai Noodle Cafe for Boat Noodles

Located just next to Ya Kun at PoMo, Thai Noodle Cafe is literally what it is, an eatery serving a variety of Thai style noodle dishes (and some tze-char like rice dishes). I am however, interested in their boat noodles, I missed the ones I had at Bangkok last year.

I had a big portion of Beef Boat Noodles (6.80 SGD). Loved the chewy and smooth texture of the noodles and the soup was really tasty. If you could afford it, they also have the small version which is like the ones you would find in Bangkok at 1.90 SGD each. I observed some Thai diners having it as an appetizer.

My friend had the Egg and Tom Yum Noodles which she described as extremely spicy for her liking. Another of my friend changed his boat noodles with her and thought it was quite "Shiok!".

Thai Noodles Cafe
1 Selegie Road
Singapore 188306


  1. Is it a new Thai cafe? Havn't seen it at PoMo.

    1. Hi!
      has been around for quite some time (:
      it took over a former cafe I think.

  2. I have to agree. I really enjoyed this post

  3. Such a Enjoyable items. Really nice.


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