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July 2016
Misato is a small eatery with counter seats only located at the basement of the Cathay where Saizeriya and Eighteen Chefs are located. The eatery's lease is ends by the end of this month and would be moving soon. I was craving for a good oyako-don since I came back from Japan and having heard the reviews about Misato's oyako-don, I went down to have a try.

Misato Oyako-don is pretty good, the texture was just right, the runny eight helps give the mixture of rice and egg moist and the addition of ikura and tobiko makes it a little more interesting. However, flavour wise, Misato's Oyako-don is on the bland side, I think more seasoning and perhaps the use of leeks would help. Some sichimi togarashi helps.

Drinks are not provided at the eatery and you would have to order a drink. Thus once the drinks and food add up, it can be on the pricey side. The dinner cost around 13-16 SGD, a little pricey for what seemed a counter-style eatery that supposed to for quick meals. Then again, it is in a shopping mall.

The Cathay
2 Handy Road #B1-24


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