O' Raindrop Cake | "Weird, awesome and confusing AF"

Mizu Shingen Mochi. Raindrop cake. Water Jelly. Or in Buzzfeed's words:

"weird and awesome and confusing AF"

Another food trend (google #raindropcake) hits Singapore’s shores once again, and this time, served by the folks at O’ Raindrop Cake.

For the uninitiated, the term “raindropcake” was coined by New Yorker Darren Wong about 2 years back. It is exactly the same as the Japanese Mizo Shingen Mochi, with the first variant made by water from the Southern Japanese Alps. This delicate jelly can only hold its shape for about 30 minutes before being turned into water. Much like its transient namesake — the raindrop.  

Detractors claim that no one would pay to taste water, others claim it as a wonderful addition to this “zen/minimalist” lifestyle that any millennial hipster would be proud of. But no matter your reaction, this supposedly melt in your mouth mochi (like a raindrop) is light, hydrating and refreshing, with zero calories to boot.

Comes with Gula Melaka and Kinako

O’ Raindrop’s version uses a gula Melaka syrup instead of the Kuromitsu (Japanese brown sugar syrup) used in other variants (such as the Soo Bing Bing version at Westgate). As a result, you don’t have the slightly bitter overtones of kuromitsu, but the more complex, dense, slightly fruity sweetness of the gula Melaka instead. Like the other variants though, their version also features Kinako, a roasted soybean flour, which has a smoky, maple-like sweetness to it.

The raindrop cake itself, as I was told by the owner, uses agar powder imported from Japan. Not that I would know what it is, but the texture of the cake itself wasn’t too bouncy and springy (unlike the agar-agar you get at those kopitiams). It did sort of melt in your mouth when I mixed it with the gula Melaka and kinako, resulting in a refreshing sweetness melting in your mouth. Quite tasty, I must say. 

They don’t have a retail outlet just yet, but they do appear on pop-up stores every now and then. Check out their Facebook or website for more details.

They also do a delivery service, and in fact would be a great choice at events/parties/corporate functions compared to the run-of-the-mill candy floss and popcorn machines. If I had the chance, I would definitely consider them again.


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