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May 2016
We used to love Food for Thought, back in the days when they were at Beach Road and 8Q only. I remember the "for a good cause" philosophy can be felt in the food and the service. Perhaps, the F&B industry has become more challenging and times have changed, the Food for Thought I once knew has changed and felt alien (quite like a good friend turning into a stranger).

In its earlier days, Food for Thought used to charge for free flow of water, and the money is used for good causes, something that would be shared on the menu in one little corner. (I think they still do but less apparent than before). And yes, the menu format has changed as well.... For so much changes compared to the Food for Thought I once knew, I thought it was ironic the tagline for Food for Thought at National Museum is "Share The Good Times".

My friends and I had brunch at the Food for Thought, National Museum. They are seemingly overwhelmed by the crowd but not something they haven't been familiar to in their 8Q outlet in the past. We had an appetizer, a Ma Ling Luncheon Meat Thick Cut Fries (8.00++ SGD) which is as literal as it gets. Freshly grilled luncheon meat can't go wrong, and paired with a kaffir lime mayo, which helps cut the heaviness of the "fries", it is a safe and clever pairing. Alternatively, you could also pick a triple ginger mayo or sambal mayo.

We also had the Garden City Vegetable Aglio Olio. Nothing to show about.

We had three mains in total, including a Ginger Soy Baked Cod (not pictured) as well as the Grilled Swordfish Quinao (19.00 ++ SGD). In general the food are barely impressive and just okay. I think it cost a slight premium to dine at the National Museum for the atmosphere. Besides that, the meal was disappointing, and the energy and vibrancy that once inhabit a Food for Thought eatery from the food, the ambiance and to the service was missing.

Food for Thought
93 Stamford Road
Singapore 178897


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