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29th January 2011. Written by Xin Li.
Being pestered to have a buffet by my friend, I suggested Shin Yuu as I have heard good things about the restaurant and the price is reasonable for an ala carte buffet. Despite the rain that kept discouraging us, we visited Shin Yuu regardless of the fact that some of us were drenched.

Shin Yuu - Kani Karaage

We had the private room as the tables outside were fully booked and there was a considerable crowd when we arrived for the lunch buffet. There is a decent variety of Japanese food ranging from sashimi, sushi (maki and nigiri), grilled items, appetizers and other classic Japanese food. The only downside is that there are no desserts to round off the meal.

Shin Yuu - Shin Yuu Special Chawanmushi

For a start, the signature Shin Yuu Special Chawanmushi is very nice, the steamed egg was smooth and silky and I love the addition of the savory salmon roe. The stock used was quite good too.

Shin Yuu - Complimentary Items

There was a complimentary platter of appetizers: the Salmon Nigiri Sushi topped with Cod Roe Sauce, another Sushi topped with some form of grilled meat and Smoked Duck.
I enjoyed the salmon sushi the most, it was savory and delicious, I like how the salmon was slightly charred as it gives it a smoky fragrance.

Shin Yuu - Ebi Tempura

Shin Yuu also does a competent Ebi Tempura with a crispy batter and succulent interior.

Shin Yuu - Yasai Tempura

The Yasai Tempura did not fare as well as the Ebi Tempura, some of the vegetables were undercooked.

Shin Yuu - Hamachi Nigiri Sushi

We also had some Hamachi Nigiri Sushi

Shin Yuu - Ebi Nigiri Sushi

The Ebi Nigiri Sushi is quite nice, the prawn was fresh and rather sweet.

Shin Yuu - Chuka Idako

Chuka Idako, baby octopus is my favourite snack. Compared to Suki, Sakae or Sakura, this one is definitely better, the sauce is just right insteal of the cloyingly thick and sweet ones I had.

Shin Yuu - Sashimi Moriawase

The Sashimi Platter or Sashimi Moriawase features six kinds of sashimi, namely: Maguro (tuna), Hiramasa (kingfish), Shake (salmon), Mekajiki (swordfish) and tako (octopus). The salmon sashimi was quite good, it has not sinewy texture and was rather smooth. In general, the sashimi were fresh and one can easily taste the different kinds of texture nad flavor of each type of sashimi. I enjoyed the shake and maguro the most. The hiramasa sashimi got a thumbs down for most of us for its rather rubbery texture.

Shin Yuu - Wafu Steak

The Wafu Steak (Tenderloin Steak) was just okay. It wasn’t cooked evenly, some parts can be very chewy while some are tender.

Shin Yuu - Unagi Kabayaki

The Unagi Kabayaki (Eel with Sweet Soy Sauce) was good. The sauce wasn’t too thick and the unagi was nicely coated with a layer of sweet soy sauce. It got many nods from my fellow diners.

Shin Yuu - Tamago Nigiri Sushi

I didn’t try the Tamago Nigiri Sushi (Sweet Egg Roll).

Shin Yuu - Spider Makimono

The Spider Makimono was tasty. The soft shell crab inside adds crunch.

Shin Yuu - Buta Misoyaki

The Buta Misoyaki is really good, the meat was very tender and the mildly sweet sauce was addictive.

Shin Yuu - Buta Bara Kosho Yaki

The Pork Belly with Pepper wasn’t as good as the Pork Loin with Miso Sauce. While we enjoyed the crackling crispy skin for this dish, the sauce was just odd. It has a rather pungent flavor.

Shin Yuu - Hotate Mentaiyaki

The Hotate Mentaiyaki is a must order in Shin Yuu, succulent scallops topped with a savory cod roe sauce. We had seconds of this.

Shin Yuu - Shin Yuu - Special Ebi Miso Mayo Yaki

The Shin Yuu Special Ebi Miso Mayo Yaki, Prawns with Miso and Mayonnaise Sauce was just okay.

Shin Yuu - Shin Yuu Special Sakana Chiizu

The Shin Yuu Special Sakana Chiizu, Dory Fish topped with Cheese doesn’t seemed to go well together.

Overall, the I thought the ala carte buffet was one of the better ones I had thus far, I enjoyed some the items a lot especially the Hotate Mentaiyaki. The service was okay. The whole buffet cost 35.00 ++ SGD

Shin Yuu
16 Greenwood Avenue, Hillcrest Park
Singapore, 289209

Mon - Sun:
12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
6:00 pm - 10:30 pm

Telephone no. : 6763 4939


  1. Ahhh.. I had plenty of the salmon aburi!

  2. to Daniel : haha! I had seconds of the Ebi Tempura and Hotate.

  3. Was the restaurant crowded? Do I need a reservation for dinner?

    /boon teck

  4. to Boon Teck:
    not sure about dinner, we had lunch on a Saturday rainy afternoon, it was quite crowded at 12 plus but there are still seats available.

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