Lunch at Black Sheep Cafe

Black Sheep Cafe - Table for Two

28th January 2011. Written by Xin Li.
Once again, another visit to Black sheep Café but this time round I brought along Glenn from Hungry Epicurean to try the food here before he flies off to Australia. At the same time, I wanted to take the opportunity to try out the new set menus at Black Sheep Café.

Black Sheep Cafe - Interior

As part of an effort to create a more substantial meal and lettings patrons stretch the dollar, Chef Ratha has introduced a flexible set menu ranging from 19.00 SGD to 38.00 SGD. 19.00 SGD for a Soup of the Day and Main Course of the Day and ard 25.00 SGD for a Soup of the Day with an ala carte Main Course (e.g Duck Confit) and 38.00 SGD for a Soup of the Day with a Premium Beef or Seafood ala carte Main Course (e.g Braised Beef Cheeks). All of them come with a choice of tea or coffee and you can top up $6 for a dessert.

Black Sheep Cafe - Prawn Bisque with Garlic Bread

I had the 19.00 nett SGD Set Lunch, which was a bowl Prawn Bisque and plate of Prawn and Leek Spaghetti. The Prawn Bisque is a hearty and flavorsome soup. There is an absence of stale seafood flavor and the prawn flavor was just right. The texture was well done too. Simply put, excellent bowl of Prawn Bisque which came with a few pieces of Garlic Toasts. The prawn was very fresh and succulent.

Black Sheep Cafe - Spaghetti with Leek and Prawns

The Prawn and Leek Spaghetti was rather creamy. The spaghetti was cooked to perfection and the prawns are once again fresh and succulent. While the portion was seemed a little small for the price, I found it just right considering that the sauce was a creamy one.

I ended the meal with a dessert top up, a Flourless Chocolate Tart paired with Vanilla Ice Cream. It was a sweet ending to the tasty set lunch.

Black Sheep Cafe - Kahlua Souffle

Glenn had the Duck Confit (22.50 nett SGD) and a Daily Souffle (10.00 nett SGD) which is a Kahlua Souffle for that day. The soufflé had a light, airy and moist texture infused with the coffee flavor of the kahlua liquor and it goes well with the mocha ice cream.

As always, I am looking forward to my next meal at Black Sheep Café, I just adore the quiet and unique environment at Black Sheep Café, a pleasant café next to the historic Abdul Gafoor Mosque. It is definitely not your stereotypical French café.

Black Sheep Cafe - Flourless Chocolate Tart

11th February Update: The Flourless Chocolate tart tasted different from the one we had during our first visit to Black Sheep Café as Chef Ratha had modified it to have a moist interior similar to warm chocolate cakes. However he stop short of making another rendition of the Lava Cake as he felt it was too common.

Black Sheep Cafe

35 Mayo Street
(Opp Sim Lim Tower)

Contact Numbers:
6292 5772

Open Monday to Saturday
Lunch : 11.30 - 03.00 pm
Dinner : 06.30 - 11.00 pm


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