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K-ki ケーキ - Duo of Cakes

11th and 26th January 2011. Written by Xin Li.
Flor and Kki are good but I can’t say which one is better than another as they have a different approach to cakes. What I enjoyed at Kki is the cakes have personalities, I can easily tell the difference between the Mont Blanc and the Antoinette and the cakes at Kki has an exotic touch to it.

Flor Patisserie - Napoleon ナポレオン

At Flor, they specialized in classic cakes and I enjoyed the lightness of the cakes and the excellent puff pastry they used. While the cakes might not excite the senses, I have to admit that they were good and they are cheaper than Kki’s.

K-ki ケーキ - Mont Blanc

K-ki ケーキ - Kopi

I re-visited Kki during the 26th January with Glenn after our lunch at Candlenut Kitchen. This time round I had the Mont Blanc (8.50 SGD) which was gorgeous. I thoroughly enjoy how the four different layers of flavors and textures go together nicely. The nutty and fragrant chestnut with the light whipped cream, soft sponge and the slight moist tart base. It was another divine cake at Kki.

Flor Patisserie - Waguri Millefeuille 和栗ミルフィーユ

I visited Flor with some of my cake-loving architecture mates after visiting the Plain. We had the Waguri Millefeulille (6.80 SGD). It was decent but not as great as Kki’s in terms of texture or flavor. The Waguri Millefeulille was like a good ordinary cake.

Flor Patisserie - Berry Berries ベリーベリース

The Berry Berries (5.50 SGD).

Flor Patisserie - Napoleon ナポレオン

And the Napoleon (6.50 SGD) which is the one I enjoyed the most. It was light, with a semi-sweet and crispy puff pastry, balanced by the sour and fragrant strawberries.

Overall, the cakes at Flor were great in terms of texture and flavor. I like that the cakes were fragrant and not heavy in flavor and were not monotonous at all (able to tell them apart). As mentioned, their approach might not excite the taste buds, but it is one place I would go for traditional classic cakes. In fact, not only we turned back to look for more cakes after eating them (but it was closed), I even ordered a 1 kg Napoleon for my mum’s birthday. My family enjoyed it very much.


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