What Buddies are For...

What Buddies are For...

Drawn & Posted by Xin Li 100510

For the guys who been through army, I think you might find this very familar ;)
You must be unlucky enough to have this kind of buddy (above). I have one before, unpleasant!

Luckily there were good buddies during my national service and I found more through theMoose! My Makan buddies ;)

On the side note, 2 days ago was Lovin Green's (Hui Yuan) 21st Birthday! Did this within the day, thought I might not be able to complete it. But phew. Just in time! This was for her (:

Lovin Greens


  1. i gotta say that i love your cartoons!

  2. haha thanks =D, I enjoy posting these kind of stuff, a little break away from the serious stuff ;)

  3. Wow! Amazing! You did this? It really looks like Hui Yuan. :) nice!

  4. you know... if i wasn't on facebook detox, i would be sharing that picture of you+ky on my fb with EVERYONE who was in the same class as him ><

  5. I was looking at hui yuan profile and I immediately thought of you! Looks awesome! Shall ask u to do one for me next time. haha :P

  6. to Raine: heh yup I did it. (:
    to azureslash : lol you can alwys post it up later, btw that is not me heh, but I think anyone who has worked with ky have that experience.

    to Bella V: lol i did this one for Hui Yuan because it was her birthday heh. It wasn't easy because i was rushing two other projects at that time. =o



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