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Double-Baked Brownie Cheese Cake

9th May 2010, Mothers’ Day. Written by Xin Li.

It was Mother’s Day, so I went to get a cake for my mum and my sister she is a mother too! I was around Anchorpoint and I was interested in Swissbake’s small round cakes which go for $16.50-$17.50 per cake.

As I am not sure the rum would be too heavy for my sister and mum, I decided to get the Double-Baked Brownie Cheese Cake ($17.50) for them.

It was a combination of hazelnut brownies with cheesecake, for my sister It was a match made in heaven. My mum didn’t like the brownies though but she was quite satisfied with the cheesecake part.

While we found the cake rather okay, I didn’t quite enjoy it because I am not a fan of firmer cheesecakes. This cheesecake in particular has a firmer and rougher texture and it was slightly dense, not the kind of light Cheesecakes I like. I prefer my cheesecakes to be slightly creamy, soft and light. Perhaps this was the reason why my sister and mum while satisfied with the cake felt a little tired of it after a few mouthfuls of it.

The brownies were just toppings. The cheesecake and brownies are two separate entities on one cake.

They still have other items and this cheesecake is not their signature item.

370 Alexandra Road

Operating Hours:
Daily, 9.30am – 9.30pm

6475 5864



  1. That's a lot of brownies as toppings!

  2. yep pity my mum doesn't like brownies. I didn't enjoy these brownie toppings too, my best brownie was still Breeks with Warm Cheese Sauce.



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