Casuarina Pratas

Casuarina Curry Restaurant

29th October 2010. Written by Xin Li.
Located along Thomson Road, this is where I had one my best Plain Pratas thus far. It wasn’t too oily, with a nice crispy exterior and a soft dough-like texture. However, the plain pratas here seemed to be quite pricey. Each of them cost 0.70 SGD. The pratas came with an equally delightful curry which was spicy with a sourish after taste to go with.

Casuarina Curry Restaurant - Pratas

Their Egg Prata however pales in comparison. I would call it a skinny egg prata. It was too thin, too crispy almost like a biscuit. Too thin that there isn’t enough to taste the goodness the prata and egg has to offer. The egg prata which is quite big (because it was stretched thin) cost 1.50 SGD.

Casuarina Curry Restaurant - Plain Prata

Casuarina Curry Restaurant
136-138 Casuarina Road

Tel: +65 6455 9093

Opening Hours
Daily: 7am – 12am


  1. I like The Prata Place along Upper Thomson! I think their prata is similar to Casuarina. I'll usually order the plain prata or banana prata :)



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