Jelly Desserts in Kyoto

Kyoto - Konigs-Krone

July 2010. Written by Xin Li.
Kyoto, Kansai, Japan.

Konigs Krone meaning “King’s Crown” in German is a western confectionary chain based in Kobe, Japan. It has many branches in the Kansai region and beyond such as Tokyo.

Like my many encounters with the Japanese cuisine. I am not surprised to find mochi in their jelly dessert since I have already saw mochi in sponge cakes, salads and soup. Their fascination to inject mochi into any kind of food is just fascinating. I remember my art teacher was lamenting how she just couldn’t escape from mochi during our overseas exchange programme in Fukuoka. Its in the sandwich, the soup etc…

Konigs-Krone - Coffee Jelly with Red Beans and Mochi

Mochi aside, I can’t resist trying out these colourful if not seducing desserts on display at the Konigs Krone stall in Isetan at Kyoto Station basement. For my first visit, I got a Coffee Jelly with Red Beans and Mochi (315 Yen) and milk is provided too. Very fragrant and well-balanced dessert, I really enjoy how the coffee flavour comes in gradually as it was in jelly form. Somehow the mochi managed to blend in nicely. I guess it is the addition of sweet red beans that somehow help to blend the two together, giving this western dessert a very Japanese touch to it.

Konigs-Krone - Orange Jelly Dessert

The second item was a disaster though. The Orange Flavoured Jelly (315-375 Yen) was just too sour and tasted artificial. The flavour of the blackcurrant jelly in between the orange jelly and orange mousse did not do much to balance the flavours. The orange mousse was creamy and very mild in flavour probably because my tastebuds were overwhelmed by the strong flavour of the orange jelly.


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