Pulau Tekong - 203 Training Shed


This is the Grenade Assault Course.

It is located next to the Tekong Highway, about stone's throw away from Sungei Siminei, the river directly next to the SOC ground of School 1 (Ladang).

For many of us who did our basic military training in Tekong, this is where we had to throw dummy grenades accurately into circles denoted by white tapes after some tiring run downs and crawling.


There are some obstacles where a mound has formed while it was supposed to be flat. According to an encik he said he it was product of all the crawling (and pushing of sand) done by “all the father mother son.”

Way back before it was used as a grenade assault course training area. This was where soldiers had their M203 training hence the training shed was called “203”, something not many youngsters like us know.

It was not suitable for the high explosive rounds and “curry powder” was used instead. My encik told me of his experience of his group getting a “curry powder” shower when the round hit a branch near them as it was in the way of its projectile. It was when the place was still being used for M203 training and Tekong has yet to become an SAF Restricted area.

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