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Sadly, this is going to be more of a rant rather than food review. But since it concerns both food and service from the restaurant, I've decided to post it up.
This is in concern to a household restaurant, one of which we all would have visited once at least in our lifetimes. Swensens.

Story goes like this, Dajie met me just now for dinner at the Plaza Singapura branch where we had Crayfish Pasta and the Breaded Chicken respectively.

The first thing we noticed was that the portions had shrunk considerably but since that tragic accident whereby many restaurants island wide have been hit by the Shrink Ray. There's little a consumer can do bout his food portions except order yet another helping. Maybe

One shall refrain from ranting too much here in case we get sued but the fact remained that the Crayfish Pasta seemed to have gotten a little bland in the taste sector. Whilst I remained pretty satisfied with my Breaded Chicken.

Here's the juicy bit.
After chowing through almost 80% of the meal, I then noticed a nice curly strand of hair sitting under my chunk of chicken.
*pubic maybe? since it's well...curly, either that or whoever it belonged to has naturally curly hair*

My point here being that when we notified the waiter of the hair in food, he offered to replace the meal.
I declined the offer being kind of full by that point in time.
However, no apology was offered nor was any form of compensation until we handed a hastily scribbled note on the feedback form.

The meal was then voided but somehow, the air seemed sour.
Now as a disclaimer it may be due to our dissatisfaction with the food or any other form of apology but even then.

Were we being unreasonable?
In expecting some form of compensation or at least an apology?

Well, back to the food review portion.

Crayfish Pasta : 4/10
Breaded Chicken : 6/10 (not taking into account the hairy incident)
Service : 5/10

Overall rating : 5/10

Jy will DEFINITELY not be visiting there anytime soon.


  1. "I am so going to Swensens"

    I haven't been to Swensens for ages



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