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9th April 2008

This was the date Yew Ann, Vinleon, Jia Yao and I got enlisted for national service. It has been about 2 months plus since we left our sunny island of Pulau Tekong for a civilian life. However, ever since leaving that sunny island, I still yearn to go back. It was a beautiful island that not many of us get to see. It is a place so peaceful. It turned surreal at night as streaks of aeroplane lights hovered above our heads as they make their to Changi Airport and it is one place where you could converse with the stars (not literally).

Beyond that, there was the great memories that I shared with my fellow bunkmates and the recruits that I had that made the separation with the island a painful one (even though I might have forget some of their names =/) Yesterday, was Chris Lim’s Graduation Parade, it may be taking place on the other side of Singapore yet I can feel it. I have a deep attachment to that place, the images of recruits throwing their jockey caps doing what seemed like a silly roar brought back pleasant memories I had in Pulau Tekong.


Not only tall peope hold higher appointments.

However, ORD is the sign that more “lao jiao” people like us should let go, it is the time for the juniors to take charge. National Service is such a love-hate thing. For a while, I die to come out, now there is something that I miss inside the moment I am out of it. It is like dark chocolate I guess, bittersweet.


Terrifying Enciks are just part of NS life.

Speaking of chocolates, I enjoy Lindor Chocolates the most, but it is something I get to eat about once a year or none at all, it is expensive. Needless to say, Godiva and Valrhona are out of question.

Here are some cartoons that I did of the army. One thing I enjoyed most is drawing, in the midst of regimentation, stand by area, parades, arrows and sai kang. Drawing was a great stress reliever and it allowed me to portray the army in a light-hearted way.


This blog has to thank NS for its existence, without NS, we wouldn't have love food so much. It is what we had to reward ourselves during our precious weekends and nights out. The four of us and our guests get to know each other during our NS.


Half Full Water Bottle Drink Up!

Sergeant with Rabbid

If only we have Wii in Camp.


In NS you will find ways to entertain yourself during speeches, meetings etc.

Finally, as part of this mini anniversary, I will like to share these old photos by the Wise Old Owl, Mr Dick Yip. The first photo is a group photo taken at Pulau Tekong Primary School, located at Kampong Ladang. Today the area that was Pulau Tekong Primary School is where Raven, Pegasus, Ninja, Orion, Mohawk and Leopard Companies are located.

The next photo shows the beach of Pulau Tekong with an offshore island in the background. Mr Dick Yip can found in this photo.

For people interested in the history (written and unwritten) of Singapore and the personal experiences of a sportsman, P.E Teacher, outdoor adventurer, musician and traveller, you might want to read his blog, the Wise Old Owl.

Oh, Mr Dick Yip plays the Ukulele and he was recognized as one of the three Silver Bloggers together with Mr Lam Chun See (who has some nice posts about SAF Training areas and photos of Pulau Tekong showing a tobacco farm) and the hip, energetic and funny Lao Zha Bor.

To end the post, here is every soldier's favourite question:

When in Doubt, Ask!


  1. It's been a long time ago, but this post brings back memories. Simply cute and interesting sketches!

  2. haha thanks (:

    uniforms, weapons, lbv, syllabus have changed but some things seemed to remain the same heh.

  3. I must commend you for such a wonderful post.
    The cartoon caricatures are excellent. I presume you drew them yourself, if so..thumbs Up!
    Personally, I am glad you are reviving memories of your days in Tekong.
    My heart still yearns for those similar days!

  4. to unk Dicko: Thank you very much =)

    I did the drawings myself. I want to record and share them before it fades off. Those were beautiful memories.

    Good times (:



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