The Plain : A Review


Written on 02 February 2011 by Mu Yao
Hello, a short review here.

I could be described as insane to come out at 6.30AM in the morning on CNY eve to go all the way to tanjong pagar all the way for breakfast, but I guess army makes you a little erratically weird in sleep patterns. Not my fault.

So anyway, saw the review of The Plain from Bella V and Mr Xin Li for this place, and being infatuated with breakfast places recently, I decided to join my friend Jed for a nice morning meal to start our day. I guess being on SOL for 2 weeks and having bad horrid SFI's breakfasts for the past 2 weekends has brought out the hungry breakfast monster within me. rahhh.

Located along the eclectic shophouses of Craig Road, right behind the architectural masterpiece that is thePinnacle@Duxton, is this no-nonsense minimalist establishment. We settled down quickly, and with the help of the lovely and friendly staff, I ordered the Darling's Eggs ($11.50) with my Moroccan Mint Tea ($3.80) while my friend ordered the Antipasto Ciabatta ($8.50) with his Vanilla Sencha Tea ($3.80). I loved it that they used gryphon teas, one of my favourite favourite brands of English Tea behind Twinnings of London. :)

Vanilla Sencha Tea ($3.80)

The teas were great- what can I say. If I were to complain, it was the fact that there wasn't sugar or honey provided, but that's because I didn't ask and I didn't see the need to, because the teas were just utterly rich and fragrant and light. Lovely.

The Darling's Eggs ($11.50)
Look at the yummy yolk!
The darling's eggs, were, well, for the lack of a better word, simply darling. The poached eggs were had a very faint tart tinge, unlike Jones The Grocers', and had a light fluffy consistency that was just ... mmmm! and the runny yolk was rich yellow-orange, thick and not too watery, which is the perfect compliment to the sourdough bread. and of course, coupled with the awesome roma tomatoes (I think) and melted cheese and ham, this created a savoury yet surprisingly light taste sensation that really made my morning. Awesome.

The Antipasto Ciabatta ($8.50)

My friend's antipasto ciabatta was great too - I think I could taste the aubergines, mushroom, cheese and ham with rocket and tomatoes all blending perfectly together into a fantastic yummy sandwich. tangy and wholesome. yummy.

I think The Plain, with its friendly staff, has this fantastic neighbourhood vibe and lovely homely feel despite its austere get up - its like the corner deli you always get your coffee and your breakfast perk ups from for the next 10 years before you get to work. Potentially, it could be a habitual institution for the many yuppies residing in this quaint area. Tanjong Pagar's residents have got it good.


The Plain
50 Craig Road
+65 6225 4387
Open Daily: 7.30AM -7.30PM

The Plain's Website


  1. Your photos are gorgeous, now I feel like going back for their breakfast =d

  2. HAHA I wanna go to vanilla bar and cafe or kith next! thanks lah, its my friend's 5D mk2 w 24-70mm lens. awesome stuff!



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