Nara, Japan - Yatagarasu やたがらす

奈良 Nara - Higashimuki Shopping Street 東向き商店街

13th December 2011. Written by Xin Li.
Nara, Japan
Feeling hungry after dinner at haco, we headed next door to Yatagarasu, a restaurant specialized in chicken cuisine. We wanted to try a Nara specialty, the Yamoto Nikudori 大和肉鶏, a special chicken breed that was a result of mating various breeds of chickens such as the Nagoya breed and gamecocks by the Nara Prefecture Livestock Technology Center.

奈良 Nara

The restaurant feels like a traditional izakaya with private tatami seats as well as counter seats where you could watch the chefs prepare your food.

Yatagarasu やたがらす 奈良店

Don’t worry, there is an English menu available.

Yatagarasu やたがらす 奈良店 - Menu

We ordered their specialty, a Grilled Chicken with Leeks (630 Yen). The chicken was very tender and flavorful with a slightly spicy seasoning and carries a pleasant smoky aroma. It has a fair amount of fat as well.

Yatagarasu やたがらす 奈良店 - Grilled Chicken

Then we spotted the Ice Cream Tempura (430 Yen). Having heard about it sometime ago, we always wanted to try ice cream tempura. It was served with a sauce of our choice such as chocolate or maple syrup. We had it with maple syrup.

Yatagarasu やたがらす 奈良店 - Tempura Ice Cream

It was very sweet. The crust was disappointingly soggy instead of the hot crispy texture we expected and we didn't know that they would cut it for us. However, it was quite delicious when one pairs the vanilla ice cream with the sweet, mocha tasting maple syrup.

奈良 Nara

Shopping arcades can be found in Nara as well. This is the Higashimuki Shopping Street leading to Nara Kintetsu Station and there is the Mochiidono Shopping Street to satisfy your shopping desires in Nara. You can find a big MUJI shop at Higashimuki Shopping Street.

奈良 Nara

This fountain features a Gyoki monk. It is located near Kintetsu Nara Station.

奈良 Nara

やたがらす 奈良店
Yatagarasu (Nara Branch)

林小路町13-1 第2福田ビル1F

電話 0742-20-0808



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