The Plain

The Plain

11th January 2011. Written by Xin Li.
After seeing the posts about the Plain by Amasou Umasou and Vanilla & Breakfast, I am tempted to visit this designers’ haven at Duxton located along Craig Road. Finally there was one day I had the opportunity to do so when we have some school matters to settle around the area.

The Plain

The café is quite stylish indeed and I for some reason, really like the choice of those light bulbs used as ceiling lights. There is a huge wooden table with a matching vase of flowers and library of design magazines to browse for those dropping by for coffee or snack.

The menu is rather affordable with prices within the ten dollar range with no GST or service charge. There is all day breakfast available and a few choices of sandwiches. I had the Fruit Salad with seasonal fruits served with yoghurt and honey (7.00 SGD).

The Plain - Fruit Salad

The colorful fruit salad came with fruits like kiwi, watermelon, honeydew, strawberries and apples served on a pool of honey and topped with yogurt. It was a sweet and sour combination. Nothing fanciful but it was a satisfying and perhaps healthy snack during a hot weather compared to ice cream?

The coffees were quite good too although Wei Xiang still thinks Vietnamese coffee is way better than what he had.

The Plain

Personally, I didn’t enjoy the ambience at the Plain as much as Book Cellar probably because the environment reminds me of an office lounge. However, the Plain is still a nice place for a casual or more laid back work discussion with coffees and snacks to enjoy. For design aficionados, there are design magazines to get you started as the owners are interior designers.

The Plain

Tanjong Pagar Conservation Area
50 Craig Rd

Telephone 6225 4387

Open 7.30am-7.30pm


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