A Trainee's Jungle Breakfast

“Stand-To! Stand-To!” Yet another peaceful time in the jungle was interrupted by the loud, repetitive echoes of an order by our IC early in the morning. However, that signalled the start of another day in the jungle. All of us stayed in our prone positions, facing an enemy we don’t see. It was only after thirty minutes later when the much anticipated “Stand-down” signal was being passed down, but not before a neighbour of mine has turned into a casualty of the morning slumber.

It is time for breakfast once we recovered from our "Stand-to"positions.
A Trainee’s Jungle Breakfast
Powder of Milk and Cereals
An Assortment of ‘Sponge Cakes’

The Powder of Milk and Cereals are part of our accessories pack, highly sought after for its milky, sugary kick with the crunchiness of crispy cereals, outside army, it is simply knowned as Super Cereal Drink. This is followed by an assortment of sponge cakes: butter and chocolate biscuits drenched in water. The resulted of being soaked with water is a soft, sponge-like texture that makes the biscuits almost like sponge-cakes. Variations include Milo Flavoured, Coffee Flavoured or Milk Tea Flavoured ‘Sponge Cakes’.


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