15 Minutes Cafe @ La Salle

Date Visited : 200310

My brother and mum were in La Salle yesterday and having heard and read quite abit about 15 minutes, why not give it a try?

I like the place, it comes across like a modern with abit of artistic touch to it with the pasted on magazine pages on the pillar, quaint chalkboards with the items of the menu and the place is well-lit, spacious and bright (not sure about night time though). They also has a stage for performers to perform (for 15 minutes? thus the name of the cafe?). It has a relaxing atmoshpere, with a lounge/lobby feel to it.

They don't seem to have a menu here, the menu is all written on the blackboards in chalk. Looking at the prices and serving portions, I think the prices are rather low already, the desserts are around the $3-$5 range, an Earl Grey Tea cost $2.20, the Fish and Chips cost about $9 only.

The place doesn't seem to be halal, since there is an "alcoholic" dessert and I don't spot a halal certificate being displayed prominently.

The receipt does not have a record of service charge too.

My Mum and I decided to have the Cream Cheesecake with Roasted Soil and the Chip and Chips. The dessert costed us $3, fish and chips about $9.

While my mum found the cream cheesecake rather alright, I was hoping for more a richer cheese flavour, felt more creamy than cheesy for me. Probably due to carelessness in the kitchen, I bite onto a tiny piece of plastic in my dessert which the cafe was prompt to replace another one for us and apologized when we sounded out to them.

The fish and chips is kind of different from the ones I had better. Firstly, the batter is different. Their fish has a thinner batter that is crispy yet it is not like the usual batter that wraps around the fish like a pastry or something. The fish tasted alright, my mum commented that it does not have any fishy taste that most seafood dishes always have. The fries were seasoned too, it was spicy yet sweet with a herbal touch, i think they used Cajun seasoning for their french fries, much better than the usual flavourless fries we get with normal fish and chips, it showed that they put some effort in the dish, taking into account the sides as well. The coleslaw doesn't seemed like it is a pre-made or premade one, it has raisins, carrots in it, I think they probably made in the cafe itself, a welcomed move.

Presentation of the food is worth mentioning as well, the pizzas were being served on wooden boards, quite nice.

Now I can see why people thinks 15 minutes is good, nice ambience, low prices and food above average with a positive service. This place is worth going back. The students in La Salle must be fortunate to have a nice cafe downstairs, quite a find place to meet up and stuff. Can't tell for a weekday though, when it gets more crowded

Another thing to mention is that you have to get your own food/beverage they will give you this 'space saucer' thing which is actually a device that vibrates or beep once your order is ready.

1 McNally Street
Blk D, #01-01 LASALLE College of The Arts

Opening hours
10am – 10pm
(Closed on Sun)

Tel: +65 6333 5915


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