2010 : Wrapping it Up


Our blog started out as a place to share our views and opinions about the food we eat. I must say that maintaining this blog had not been easy (especially why my neck-breaking architecture course) but it had been very rewarding for me. Therefore, for my final post of this year, I shall wrap it up with some of the best meals I had in 2010.


Most Intriguing Meal:
Sakurada 桜田, Kyoto, Japan.

Besides being my first encounter with kaiseki, lunch at Sakurada was an eye-opener for me. Throughout the whole meal, I felt like I was weaved into a plot as I savor course after course. It was a journey within a journey, pleasing to the eyes and taste buds and intriguing to the mind.


Most Memorable Meal:
Ichisun 一瞬, Kyoto, Japan

The tempura dinner at Ichisun turned out not only to be a delicious one but one filled with surprise for me. It was almost like magic that total strangers in an izakaya get together and open up to each other like a family beyond the barrier of language and race. Until now, I can’t forget it. It was one of the best moments in my overseas trip.

The Bhuthorn

Best Breakfast:
The Bhuthorn, Bangkok, Thailand
Breakfast is an important meal to start the day off. While food needs to be good, the ambience and service were just as important. My best breakfast took place in the city of Bangkok. Surrounded by lush greens in the courtyard garden of a faithfully restored shop house, it was like having breakfast in nirvana. The owners and servers were extremely friendly and breakfast was simple yet delicious. I love the Lemongrass Tea they serve.

Thai Airways International

Breakfast is a tough nut to crack, the closest runner up is not even a restaurant at all. The breakfasts (and meals) on Thai Airways International flights were decent especially their warm, fluffy croissants. I enjoy having my breakfast next to window watching all the artworks that nature has to offer in the form of clouds.

Other honorable mentions are Spruce, Shots and Kith Café.

Black Sheep Cafe

Best French Meal:
Black Sheep Café, Little India, Singapore
I really have to thank BellaV for this find. Black Sheep Café serves one of the best meals I had thus far. The Duck Confit and Black Sheep Shank are simply divine. Who says you need a French to whip up excellent French dishes? Furthermore, I love the casual ambience of Black Sheep Café. “Big plate, small portion” plus formalities isn’t my cup of tea.

Dezarto Desserts and Dining

Best Japanese Meal:
Dezato Desserts and Dining, Boat Quay, Singapore

Although Sakurada was intriguing, I decided to give Dezato the title for Best Japanese Meal for its affordability, quality and most important the additional touch of service. Once again, Dezato proved that you don’t need a Japanese to whip quality Japanese food. I likes how enthusiastic Chef Derrick would explain each and every dish meticulously and share his knowledge about the Japanese cuisine.

Tre Verdi

Best Italian Meal:
Tre Verdi, Uji, Japan
Shinto shrines, green tea plantations, sukiya style shophouses and Japanese ryokans. Who would expect that in this prime green tea cultivation known more for their matcha infused cuisine and green tea would be the place where I had my most enjoyable Italian meal? Located in Uji is restaurant Tre Verdi ran by Japanese. The pasta was delectable and the mushroom soup was gorgeous. The dessert, ambrosial, but I shall keep the details for later.


Best Asian (Non-Japanese) Meal:
Bumbu (Kandahar), Arab Street, Singapore
Yes there are many Chinese, Thai or Indonesian restaurants out there. However at the end of the day, my choice still goes out to Bumbu. This is one place where my Muslim friends can enjoy a good meal together. On top of that, the set menus were flexible and I like the quaint setting inside a shophouse located along Kandahar street. The nostalgic atmosphere, the fragrant aroma of the Green Chicken Curry and the tangy Bumbu Salad makes this place a feast for the senses.

The honorable mentions for this title go to Mayim and Bonifacio.

Le Salon De The de Joel Robuchon

Best Afternoon Tea
Salon de The de Joel Robuchon, Central, Hong Kong
Some love it buffet style, so love it in big portions. The high tea at Joel Robuchon might make one frown at its petite portions for its price (although it is still cheaper than the Peninsula or Intercontinental). However, every bit of it was worth its money. The cakes were unique and tantalizing. I like the fragrant cup of Cappuccino that they served there.

Kki, District 10, Oriole Cafe and Bar and Sakurada

Best Dessert
K ki, Ann Siang Hill, Singapore

K ki was the first one to break the monotonous image of cakes. Cakes, sponge, fudge, chocolate, vanilla, sweet, most of them were almost the same. Hence, we I spotted Kki through the blogs of many, I felt that I have hit a gold mine. The cakes at Kki were not only unique but most of them especially Antoinette were excellent. There is something for the sweet tooth, the chocolate lover, the adventurous, the strawberry lover, the coffee lover, the cheese lover without tasting the same. The only thing that is stopping me from buying it? The price tag.

Frigidarium, Sugar Granny and Hung Village

The honorable mentions for this title go to
- Gelato
Tsui Hang Village – Mango Pudding
Sugar Granny – Mango Sago
District 10 Bistro Wine Bar – Crème Brule
Oriole Café and Bar – Honey Crumble Affogato

Vanilla Bar and Cafe - Waffle

Best Cafe
Vanilla Café and Bar, Boon Tat, Singapore
Vanilla Café and Bar, located near the historic Thian Hock Kheng Temple and Nagore Durgha Shrine is a pleasant little café that serves comfort food and drinks with a peaceful environment. The Vanilla Dirt Cake is an amusing dessert.

The Honorable Mention goes to the Books Cellar for its wonderful and comfortable atmosphere.

eM by the River - Homemade Pancakes

Most Disappointing 2010:
eM by the River, Robertson Quay, Singapore
eM by the River is one place where you place yourself under the judging scales and play with luck. While it serves up decent Eggs Florentine, the service was atrocious. Hopefully they have remedied by now.

theMOOSE at Black Sheep Cafe and Chef Ratha by J-Chan

And that pretty much wraps up this exciting year of 2010. It was a colorful year once again. One of the best parts throughout the whole food blogging experience is the chance to meet fellow food bloggers with a genuine passion for food as well as the chance to meet fellow food lovers like Min Che, Mu Yao, Sze Huan, Liang Wei and Rui Xiong.

28th Dec Gathering III

2010 is the year when I travelled overseas the most. It is the year I found a renewed interest in travelling and seeing the world outside. Speaking of which, I must recommend and thank these blogs for re-igniting my interest of the world outside Singapore.

1) Paul Travels and Pictures
2) Accidental Epicurean
3) Never Trust a Scrawny Foodie’s Kyoto Posts
4) Hungry Trotting Couple’s Europe Posts
5) My Food Siren II’s Europe Posts
6) *thesimplestaphrodisiac’s Italy Posts
7) Hungry Epicurean’s Hong Kong Posts

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2011

Last but not least, I want to take the opportunity to thank my readers, fellow bloggers, and my Meese for supporting this blog. I wish you a Happy 2011 and Happy New Year!


  1. Gotta say i'm definitely a fan of ur blog! Lovely photos, drawings and write-ups. Keep it going! Happy new year to you! :)

  2. This is a superb list, hats off to you man! I'm so going to try out all those places that I have yet to try in Singapore in this list ;)

    Happy New Year! :)

  3. to Singaporefoodlover: thanks! and Happy New Year!

    to foodoshoot: Thank you =D! and Happy New Year to you too!

    to *Harris: thanks! yours is great too and Happy New Year!



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