Christmas Lunch @ Black Sheep Café

Black Sheep Cafe

25th December 2010. Christmas Day. Written by Xin Li.
It is Christmas Day! I hope you have a enjoyable Christmas Day today.

Black Sheep Cafe

I spent my Christmas afternoon at Black Sheep Café with my mum, dad and younger brother for lunch. I always wanted to bring them to Black Sheep Café to experience the epicurean ecstasy I had with the food by Chef Ratha.

Black Sheep Cafe

For this Christmas lunch, I had a Duck Confit with Apple Roesti (22.50 SGD). Every single bit of it was delectable once again. Ever since I had the Duck Confit on the second visit, I had been a fan of Black Sheep Café’s Duck Confit. The skin was crackling tasty. The meat was very tender as usual.

Black Sheep Cafe - Duck Confit

My dad had the Black Sheep Shank (22.50 SGD). His taste buds are hard to please. Fortunately, he enjoyed the Black Sheep Shank for its tenderness and it doesn’t have a strong pungent gamey flavor.

Black Sheep Cafe - Black Sheep Shank

My mum had a special order because she could not eat lamb, beef and duck was a total no-no for health reasons. Chef Ratha has prepared a Baked Chicken (22.50 SGD) for her instead. Among the four main courses that we had, the Baked Chicken pales in comparison. The chicken had not absorbed the flavors of the sauce thoroughly and tasted bland towards the inside. The sauce however was fragrant.

Black Sheep Cafe - Chicken

The Fish Special was a Salmon dish (22.50 SGD), which was my younger brother’s order. I did not have the chance to taste it. My younger brother wiped the whole plate clean at the end.

Black Sheep Cafe - Fish Special

We also had a Tiramisu with Compote of Wild Berries (8.00 SGD) which was on the Christmas Menu. Personally, I found the tiramisu to have a right balance of liquor, coffee and mascarpone cheese. The texture was quite smooth too.

Black Sheep Cafe - Tiramisu

I noticed the vanilla ice cream they used for the Flourless Chocolate Tart (8.00 SGD) has changed. The previous one does not have any spots, this time they seemed to use a higher quality vanilla ice cream. I enjoyed this dessert more than the Tiramisu, love the spongy, slightly molten texture of the flourless chocolate tart. The bittersweet chocolate tart goes well with the sweet vanilla ice cream and sour berry sauce.

Black Sheep Cafe - Flourless Chocolate Tart

Once again, Black Sheep Café did not disappoint me. The total bill including a bottle of San Pellegrino Sparkling Water by my younger brother was 109.50 SGD. With the 25SGD Voucher (minimum 60 SGD bill), it was 84.50 SGD.

Black Sheep Cafe

I noticed the prices have gone up for the main courses compared to the first visit. Standard Chartered Card holders get to enjoy 10% off total bill or a complimentary dessert with a minimum order of 3 main courses.

Black Sheep Cafe

35 Mayo Street
(Opp Sim Lim Tower)

Contact Numbers:
6292 5772

Open Monday to Saturday
Lunch : 11.30 - 03.00 pm
Dinner : 06.30 - 11.00 pm


  1. Two peopole were tweeting about Black Sheep Cafe just today. Argh and you just had to post pictures of the duck confit, didn't you! Haha!

    Is BSC your favourite place to dine?

  2. "Two people"? There were three "people" - me, Charlene and Jingwen haha.

    Black Sheep Cafe's duck confit is still leading the way. Amazin' stuff.

  3. to Glenn: lol yes it is. I enjoyed the casual atmosphere and the food is good =)

    to Harris: haha! I saw your photos on Black Sheep Cafe's website! BellaV was craving for the duck confit too.

  4. BSC has its charm that keep us going back for more. And it is always because of you that I crave for their duck confit! LOL!!

  5. to BellaV: haha I don't mind going back for a second round =)

  6. I've had a few variations of duck in southern France... But no duck confit yet! LOL. Only stewed fillet of duck and cassoulet (with duck wing). Yummmy! :)

  7. to liangwei: awww...I want to visit France =(

  8. hi xinli,

    thanks for signing up at

    Black Sheep Cafe discount vouchers are available at



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