Breakfast at Kith Cafe

Kith Cafe

What is one of the my best pleasures in life?
It is to have a meal with people I really cherish. Today I had a breakfast with two of my former recruits, Desmond and Yat Tai. The section commander days with my recruits, I really miss them a lot. Each time one cohort graduate from BMTC it was like a teacher witnessing his class graduate.

Kith Café is not easy to find and Robertson Quay itself was quite an unknown place for some guys already. It is away from the usual hang out areas like Orchard, Clarke Quay and Boat Quay.

Just to touch a bit on the heritage of Robertson Quay, this area, west of Clemenceau Bridge and Kim Seng Road was named after Dr J Murray Robertson, a prominent Municipal Councillor during the colonial era. It was originally a swampland until it was reclaimed in the mid-19th century when Singapore start to outgrow Clarke Quay and Boat Quay, therefore the structures here are of a later design. The shop houses were intricately designed and a fusion of Eastern and Western architectural styles was apparent. Perhaps it was a sign of the growing prosperity of Singapore from the mid or late 1800s onwards.

At first we were wondering to go for Vanilla Café and Bar (but too bad it wasn’t open until 11am), Café Epicurious or Kith Café, after some price considerations, we decided to go for Kith Café instead.

Kith Café is very small and there were a lot of Caucasian patrons with their children when we visited it around 9 plus. However, the service staff and the design of the place with the menu written on the chalkboards created a very homely atmosphere. We felt at home and welcomed.

The guys at Kith Café seemed to be very busy, and there was this tall Chinese lady named Jane who seemed to be in charge here, making sure things run smoothly and at the same time she guides the younger members of the Café. I could hear here explaining to one of the younger waiter the on the table layout and making sure the cashier was manned at all times.

There is a section in the menu that changes daily under “Today We Have…” Other dishes include Toasties ($5.50), a Big Breakfast ($14), Pastries, Cakes etc.

I had the Honey Baked Ham + Pineapple + Cheddar Toasties for $5.50 and a regular Iced Mocha ($6.00)

Kith Cafe : Toasties

The Honey Baked Ham, pineapple and cheddar are sandwiched between two slices of bread and toasted with a Toast Machine that pressed the two slices of bread together, sealing the edges. It was served with a cup of green apples with a sweet, milky sauce. I found it alright, bread was nicely toasted. Machines can’t go wrong as long as you know how to operate it. The honey flavour of the ham isn’t very obvious but otherwise it was alright.
The Iced Mocha was a pleasant surprise, I expected it to be some sort of coffee with chocolate syrup, but it came with ice cream and he syrup was quite generous, not to mention that I like the coffee too because it was fragrant. I am not a fond lover of coffee, this was alright.

Desmond had the Toasties with Tuna + Cheddar + Green Apple ($5.50). He felt that the breakfast was good and the three of us liked the pot of Chamomile + Marigold + Lemongrass Tea ($4.50), it was very fragrant. Apparently, they serve Gryphon Company Teas.

Kith Cafe : Big Breakfast

Yat Tai had the Big Breakfast for $14 which I didn’t try, looks alright to me, he doesn’t seemed to have any complaints about the food too.

End of the day, we enjoyed our breakfast here. Comparing this place with Café Epicurious and Broomerang nearby, I think I would still prefer Kith Café for the casual atmosphere.

P.S They charge Service Charge/GST for the food.

7 Rodyk Street
#01-33 Watermark @ Robertson Quay

Tel: +65 6341 9407

Opening hours
7am – 7pm


Nearby I found this bridge.

It is a NSF's Dream is to cross this bridge, not literally.

A NSF's Dream

The ORD Bridge.


  1. helloooo there! oh gosh I don't believe it has taken me this long to come across your blog! lovely place, lovely concept, and nice posts :) am adding you guys to my roll! :)

  2. Hi guys, your blog is really cool and neat! Love it!

  3. I'm glad kith opens at 7am. haha
    Can have a lovely breakfast before work in the morning :)

  4. yep with a nice warm/ chilled beverage to go with it =d

  5. whoa! what a coincidence! i followed you on flickr last time because i liked reading your drawings about army. and i just realized you were yat tai's sc, someone which i think he held great respect for when he mentioned abt his sc during his ocs days.

  6. haha that is a coincidence! =D
    you still in touch with him?

    glad that you enjoyed my drawings =) , your photographs are nice too and you know Chris as well?



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