Tsui Hang Village Dinner and a Stroll alongside Nathan

Tsui Hang Village Restaurant 翠亨邨

27th June 2010. Written by Xin Li.

At first, we wanted to go to the Old Hong Kong Restaurant upstairs but the grandness of the restaurant convinced us that it would be an extremely expensive affair. So we decided to head downstairs instead.

After wandering about a bit in Miramar Shopping Mall, my mum decided to have dinner at Tsui Hang Village Restaurant because it looks less expensive, and the exterior reminded me of Soup Kitchen in Singapore. (Which I find very expensive)

The Tsui Hang Village Restaurant in Miramar Shopping Centre is their main branch, they have two other branches in Central and Sai Kung. The restaurant is managed by the Miramar Group which also manages the French Window and Cuisine Cuisine. The Tsui Hang Restaurant graded as a 3-star restaurant in Frommers Hong Kong and the restaurant was named after Dr. Sun Yat Sen’s home village.

Tsui Hang Village Restaurant 翠亨邨

The restaurant’s interior was rather grand, but not as glittery as the interior of Old Hong Kong upstairs, perhaps because of the choice of earthy light green coloured walls (this colourf scheme continues in the cutlery as well) and the dark wooded furniture and doors. The painted ceiling depicting the skies gives an illusion of space and helps lifts the atmosphere in the restaurant, no wonder we saw quite a few families dining here (the restaurant was quite packed after about 15-20 minutes the photo above was taken).

We decided to go ala carte, we were glad we did because we were very full after only a few dishes. The sets have at least 6-7 dishes and cost up to 380-600 HKD per person

The service was very efficient and friendly. They also allocated a waitress to different areas of the restaurant to tend to the needs of the diners (without you frantically wasting the time getting attention).

Tsui Hang Village Restaurant 翠亨邨 - Marinated Chicken in Soy Sauce

We ordered a Marinated Chicken in Soy Sauce for 140 HKD (Half a bird). While it was the heavier side of the salt spectrum, the chicken was very tender and flavoursome. It was served with a mixture of ginger, garlic, scallions which helps to offset the saltiness of sauce and adds a bit of spice and fragrance to the dish.

Tsui Hang Village Restaurant 翠亨邨 - Stewed Fungus with Bean Curd Sheet in Pumpkin

The second dish we had was the Stewed Fungus in Beancurd Sheet in Pumpkin for 98 HKD. It was another well-executed dish. The pumpkin was steamed till was soft enough to dig in and the mushrooms (quite a few variety) was nicely cooked. The mildly sweet pumpkin goes well with the heavier stewed mushrooms and bean curd sheets.

Tsui Hang Village Restaurant 翠亨邨 - Mango Pudding

The last order was a Mango Pudding Dessert for 28 HKD. It was rich, smooth with generous chunks of sweet mango embedded in it. Yet taste wise it wasn’t too heavy. It came with a dish of milk in which you can add to the dessert. This mango pudding made my day.

The total bill came up to about 318 HKD after discount (originally it was 342 HKD) for two with 4 bowls of rice.

Jordan - Nathan Road  佐敦- 彌敦道

After dinner, we went for a walk northwards along Nathan Road into Jordan. You can find your iconic neon signs and busy Hong Kong streets at night here. Further up north would be Mongkok and Yau Ma Tei which we did not visit as it was getting late.

Jordan - Nathan Road  佐敦- 彌敦道

We dropped by Yue Hwa Department Store as well, the stuff there are more of the older generation, bedsheets, qi paos, grey suits, Chinese antique-style figurines, jade bracelets and gold watches etc. Nothing much and service was very casual. If you do not speak Cantonese or without a local companion, this might not be somewhere you want to visit, you would probably ignore you if you ask them something. We learnt that the unpleasant way when my mum was asking about a pair of shoes.

Tsui Hang Village Restaurant

G/F, Miramar Shopping Centre,
132 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui



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