Jia Yao Flies to Australia - 1 Moose Less.

V8 Express

V8 Express
6th July 2010. Written by Xin Li.

Two days ago, the four of us decided to have a farewell lunch at Toa Payoh at V8 Express located in Gourmet Paradise at HDB Hub.

The Mascots

V8 Express - Chicken Chop with Bacon

I had the Chicken Chop with Bacon Set for 8.80 SGD that includes a drink, a bowl of soup and the main course. Long story short, the Chicken Chop was tasty and it’s cheesy sauce will definitely be something cheese lovers will go for. For the price, it was rather reasonable. The sides were mashed potato and mixed vegetables.

V8 Express - Chicken Cutlet

Jia Yao and Vinleon had the Chicken Cutlet set which is 6.90 SGD. While it was rather oily, the meat was quite tender with a nice crispy crust. Like the Chicken Chop with Bacon Set, it includes a choice of drink and soup as well. The sides were onion rings and mixed vegetables.

V8 Express - Beef Niku

Yew Ann, the beef lover had the Beef Niku for about 6.90 SGD which is beef patty served with rice topped with fried egg. The beef patty has a meatball kind of texture and I like the pepper sauce that came with it. The sides were sauteed veggies and mixed vegetables.

The soup was alright, a simple corn flavoured soup that was slightly sweet. Prices seemed reasonable for the quality and that there was a drink and soup plus it was rather filling too.

Why the meet up and special appearance of our two mascots?

Mascots + JY

Here is why: Today 0900 Hours, our dear Moose, Jia Yao has set off for the land of the Kangaroos and Koala Bears – Australia. This time round, our travel-loving, bug loving backpacker moose is not going for another holiday. This time it is for studies, he will be gone for quite a while in Perth.

JY and Vin

All the best for his studies in Australia! =)

Muthu S/O Chua

V8 Express

Gourmet Paradise B1-01 Unit R2
Toa Payoh Lorong 6

+65 63528698


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