TG 0644 - Bangkok to Nagoya

TG 0644 - Interior

9th December 2010. Written by Xin Li
TG 0644

Thai International Airways (Economy Class)
Bangkok to Nagoya

The flight to Nagoya was delayed by at least an hour. However that did not dampen my excitement for the trip.

TG 0644 - Night Snack

The midnight flight began with a night snack of a slice of soft, creamy fruit cake and a cup of drink and the best part of the flight (and the subsequent ones) is that all of them have individual flight entertainment systems. Although the options were limited, titles like Despicable Me, Inception, The Other Guys etc should be able satisfy. Service was much better for this flight than the one from Singapore to Bangkok. It was more organized and the stewards and stewardesses were friendlier.

Morning Sky Over Japan

Morning Sky Over Japan

Morning Sky Over Japan

Mie Prefecture, Japan

Mie Prefecture, Japan

Mie Prefecture, Japan

Ise Bay, Japan

Futami Beach and Muramatsu Port, Japan


TG 0644 - Breakfast

Breakfast was served at dawn while the plane was about an hour or two to Nagoya. My friend had the Omelette Set.

TG 0644 - Breakfast

TG 0644 - Breakfast

I opted for the Porridge option as I was still feeling unwell. It came with a cup of yogurt, lovely warm crispy croissant with strawberry jam and butter, fruit salad and porridge with gingko nuts and lots of ginger.

Central Japan International Airport Centrair, Japan

Chūbu Centrair International Airport 中部国際空港
Chubu Centrair International Airport was built on a reclaimed land like Kansai International Airport. Aesthetics and design wise, it was more conventional than Kansai. I read that it was completed below the assigned budget.

Meitetsu, Japan

The airport is connected to Nagoya by the Meitetsu train which cost 790 Yen for an unreserved seat and takes about 28-48 minutes depending on the kind of trains you take. We board the Semi Express instead of the Rapid Limited Express by accident.


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