Nagoya, Japan - Hostel Ann

Hostel Ann - Lounge

9th December 2010. Written by Xin Li.
Kanayama, Nagoya, Japan.
We spent a night in Nagoya at a hostel ran by a Caucasian named and a Japanese lady named Ann who is the owner of the hostel. The hostel is located near Kanayama Station. The hostel has a nicely equipped kitchen including a drinking water tap, complimentary spices, herbs, green tea and English tea as well as washing machines and a dryer. The best part of the hostel was the lounge area where guests can gather and interact with each other.

Hostel Ann - Kitchen

There is a collection of manga, television, comfortable sofas, dining table and internet access in the lounge.

Hostel Ann - Male Dormitory

We booked a male dormitory room which consisted of 2 bunk beds for four people. As we are the only two guests in the room, we had the whole room for ourselves. The beds were western style and it was extremely comfortable and cozy to sleep in. My only negative feedback is the smell of the room which reminds me of socks.

Hostel Ann - Lounge

Otherwise, we had a comfortable stay at Hostel Ann and Sam was very friendly and approachable throughout the stay. There were both western and Japanese style toilets. The western style toilet has an in-built heater and washing system (yes those electronic Japanese toilet bowls). Shampoo and body soap were provided. Furthermore, the price was reasonable. 2500 Yen for a night at the dormitory. A single room for one cost 3500 yen and 6000 yen for a twin room.

Meitetsu Kanayama Station

Other services include bicycles that you could rent for 300 yen per day and access to the hostel’s WiFi network. The hostel is located in close proximity to the Meitetsu Kanayama Station as well as the Higashi Betsuin Subway Station along the Meijo Line, providing easy access to Nagoya Castle, Sakae Shopping District, Nagoya TV Tower, JR Nagoya Station and Atsuta Shrine in the south.

Near Higashi Betsuin Station

First glimpse of the fleeting autumn colours in Nagoya.

Near Higashi Betsuin Station

Near Higashi Betsuin Station

Nagoya Backpackers Guest House
Hostel Ann
2-4-2 Kanayama Naka-ku
Nagoya-shi Aichi #460-0022


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