TG 0414 - Singapore to Bangkok

TG 0414 - Boarding Pass

8th December 2010. Written by Xin Li.
TG 0414
Thai International Airways (Economy Class)
Singapore to Bangkok

Singapore Changi International Airport

Singapore Changi International Airport, Singapore

Waiting for our plane at Changi International Airport Terminal 1.

Singapore Changi International Airport, Singapore

I always enjoy the experience of a plane taking off. For this flight, it flew towards the north after taking off instead of doing an about turn from the south, providing aerial views of Pulau Ubin, Changi and Johor.

Changi, Singapore

Changi, Singapore

Pulau Ubin, Singapore

Selat Johor

Johor, Malaysia

Johor, Malaysia

Johor, Malaysia

The service for this Thai Airways flight was disappointing. The staff appeared to be disorganized and weren’t as polite as the previous one. My meal was forgotten until an attentive air stewardess noticed that my table was still empty.

TG 0414 - Lunch

Lunch started off with a spicy note. I had the fish option which is Rice with Mixed Vegetables and Fish in Black Bean Sauce.

TG 0414 - Lunch (Fish)

It was accompanied with a serving of spicy salad with a slice of what my buddy described as a “rubbery mushroom”. The bread was quite cold and tasteless. The only redeeming item for this lunch was the dessert which is some sort of pineapple pastry with custard/ vanilla sauce which I enjoyed a lot.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand

Coming back to Suvarnabhumi Airport as an architecture student gave me a new perspective of the place. I just the ‘concrete’ walls between the tall windows are actually canvas. I also learnt from my buddy that the use of concrete contributes to the lower temperatures at night. We settled our dinner at Dairy Queen with their affordable Hot Dog sets priced around 70-115 THB. Tasted like IKEA hot dogs.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand

The night at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport was extremely uncomfortable because I was rather ill with my joints aching, chills and a terrible headache. I was worried that I would come down with a fever. Thankfully that did not happen but I was down with a diarrhea instead.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand


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