16th December 2010. Written by Xin Li.
I am back. Once again, it was a great trip. I still enjoyed Kyoto the most among the cities I visited in Japan and I finally get to see autumn leaves and taste kaiseki. There were plenty of architecture, art and food to enjoy in Japan as well.

Grand Palace, Bangkok

This trip marked my first visit to Bangkok, while I enjoyed some of the sights. My experience there was dampened by those annoying taxi and tuk tuk drivers around the major sights. Under the hot weather, it only made me feel extremely agitated. Nonetheless, I had a wonderful stay at this boutique hotel called the Bhuthorn. If there is one reason for me to go back to Bangkok, the Bhuthorn is more than sufficient to convince me to go back.

Koyo, Uji

The trip started off in a bumpy way, a number of photographs before 11th of December were corrupted and I was ill for the first few days. Luckily my buddy was there to help me, thanks YY!


  1. Huh? Sorry you went Kyoto or Bangkok?

  2. hey 1 night in Bangkok and 5 nights in Japan.



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