K ki ケーキ


I will go back.

On top of the pristine square plate sat a golden cardboard throne that was only fit for an empress. And that empress was Antoinette. It was elegantly dressed in a coating of white chocolate. Little golden crystals and green garnish adorn the top with a K ki logo playing the role of a crown jewel.


It sat there patiently, as I snapped a few shots of her. Beneath that coating of white chocolate hides a treasure trove of mango puree that was astonishingly refreshing and tasty it mingled with the sweet white chocolate. Savouring this petite dessert becomes a minute journey of taste. In the beginning, it was sweet, ordinary yet intriguing. As I dug in further, a hint of sourness began to emerge, tempting me further and when I get to the mango bit of the cake, it was the peak of the journey. The sweetness and fragrance of the mango complemented the white chocolate very well. When I am done with the cake, there was a slight feeling of loss. You want more, but enough is enough (:

Antoinette Interior

This feeling reminded me of an experience similar to the first time a child had something nice like buying an ice cream that you want all the time and you finally got it after a while.

The Drom Store

Long story short, I will definitely go back for more.

Not only for the cake, but for that x-factor the people at the Drom Store and K ki has to offer. I am aware that they are quite famous with the massive amount of positive reviews. Yet, they remained humble and maintained a high level of service, very approachable, professional, friendly and meticulous.

I hope they will continue to be around and peeps from the service sector will pick up a thing or two from them.

They charge 10% service charge if you dine in.

7 Ann Siang Hill
Tel: +65 6225 6650

Opening hours
11am – 9pm
11am – 7pm
11am – 4pm


  1. I went k ki ytd and I find their cakes nice but not wow. Somehow I feel that tampopo deli has a even more "oomph" factor. Cakes are certainly light and addictive. Perhaps you may wish to try them out next time :)

  2. ooo =d must be really nice then.

    So far K ki cakes are the best for me partly because I seldom eat cakes heh, of the few K-ki stood out the most.

  3. I tried 3 cakes. The Mont Blauc, Kinabaru and Antoinette. Only one cake stood out among the 3. That is Kinabaru - Coconut Mousse, Passionfruit Crème, Chocolate Dacquoise. Their cakes are light but tampopo's cakes seemed even lighter than k ki. Some may disagree with me but that's how I feel. Haha :P

  4. haha that is what I like about food, everyone has a unique experience with it even it might be the same dish ;)

    I haven't tried Kinabaru, I might go down tomorrow if they are open and there are still cakes around for sale. Getting one for my sis =)

  5. you may wish to call them and reserve the cakes. haha. That's what I do. :)



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