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Teo Hong Road

30th May 2010. Written by Xin Li.
Our mini meet up didn’t just end with the Filipino dinner at Bonifacio. After the dinner Harris, Loraine and I went around looking for place to have some dessert.

Sugar Granny Cafe 老甜婆

We checked out Table 66 but it was closed so we headed back to Bukit Pasoh for Sugar Granny Cafe. Located along Teo Hong Road, Sugar Granny Café is like the Asian version of the Hard Rock Café with vintage 1920s – 1950s posters adorning the walls and guitars forming part of the décor nearer to the counter. Simple furniture and raised window seat at the front of the café brings a little Edward Hopper feel to the place.

The seating arrangement however is quite packed actually and the place would be very cramped if the crowd picks up. The tables are quite small too.

The café serves up light bites, desserts as well as a variety of drinks including smoothies and blended drinks. Most of the items are around the 2.00 SGD to 5.00 SGD range.

Sugar Granny Cafe 老甜婆 - Peanut Paste

Harris had the Peanut Paste for 3.00 SGD. From its appearance, we were expecting a gelak, peanut butter-like dessert. However, upon tasting it, it was lighter than expected and quite tasty too.

Sugar Granny Cafe 老甜婆 - Mango Sago with Pomelo

I had the Mango Sago with Pomelo (Regular) for 3.50 SGD. I hope there were more mango slices in this dessert but there is a top-up option to add more mangoes and sago. The dessert was quite light. Not too sweet or sour, with nice chunks of pomelo making it a refreshing dessert.

Sugar Granny Cafe 老甜婆 - Sugar Granny Icy Swirl

Despite being a signature drink of Sugar Granny Café. The waitress wasn’t able to describe what the Sugar Granny Icy Swirl (2.50 SGD) is actually except for pointing out that it contained passionfruit. After tasting it, it was actually quite good, a delicately balanced drink.

Sugar Granny Cafe 老甜婆

Sugar Granny Cafe 老甜婆

Sugar Granny Cafe 老甜婆

Harris decided to have the Silm Chendol (3.00 SGD) thinking that it was a healthier version of the Chendol as described in the menu as "Healtheir and not fattening". However, appearance and taste wise, we weren’t convinced it was any healthier than the normal chendol. The drink was very sweet and it was difficult to mix the drink properly with the contents below without spilling.

Sugar Granny Cafe 老甜婆

Overall, Sugar Granny Café was quite okay. I am satisfied with my Mango Sago with Pomelo, but not mind-blowing great, just a nice, satisfying dessert that I had the opportunity to enjoy in a quiet and quaint environment within Sugar Granny Café.

The food and drinks here are affordable too and I heard tat the muah chee were quite good, a nice play to drop by after dinner for a dessert or a snack whenever you feel like taking a little time off for yourself.

Last but not least, I was glad that I was able to meet up with Harris and Loraine for the dinner and dessert, can't wait for more makan sessions in the future ;)

Sugar Granny Cafe 老甜婆

5 Teo Hong Road
Ground Floor

Tel: +65 6224 9368

Opening hours
1pm – 11pm
1pm – 1am


  1. it's amusing to see harris styling his chendol. see that look of concentration on his face!

  2. Haha.. I think harris was trying very hard not to topple that little ice hill!

  3. lol the ice hill was tilting sideways (and melting at the same time) as the three of us were taking photographs of it.

  4. Harris couldn't let go a single drop of his chendol. After all, it's non-fattening. *wink*



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