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Ascott Raffles Place - History

4th June 2010. Written by Xin Li.

Standing 21 storeys tall near the financial heart of Singapore, the Asia Insurance Building was once one of the tallest buildings in Southeast Asia. Completed in 10th December 1955 with an Art-Deco finish, the building was a prominent landmark of the Singapore skyline during the 1950s. Crowned with a stainless steel ‘wedding cake’ and clad in black marble, this historical structure still retains the grandeur of the Old Singapore.

Ascott Raffles Place - Building

Although the Asia Insurance Company no longer resides in this building, the A.I Building remained as a significant landmark in Singapore’s Building History when it overtook Cathay Building upon completion. It was a sign of the rapid development that was to engulf Singapore.

Ascott Raffles Place

Ever since 2006, the Ascott Group has taken over this historical structure at a price of $109.5 million. The result was the Ascott Raffles Place, a high-class serviced apartment in Raffles Place. Much of the exterior remained unchanged, and certain elements of the building were retained for its historical value such as the original brass mail chute that can be found at the lift lobby on the ground floor.

Source - Infopedia : Asia Insurance Building

Ascott Raffles Place - Artwork

I had the opportunity to stay over in this urban getaway due to a friend’s birthday being held there. Being a fan of things nostalgic and historical, the Ascott Raffles Place is a place I would love to live in.
The receptionists and security guards were very friendly and polite, marking a pleasant start to the Ascott Raffles Place experience. From the earlier enquires via email and face to face, I was satisfied with the service.

Ascott Raffles Place - Lobby

The lobby area has a bar for the residents and guests alike to chill out and munch on light snacks as well as a lounge area to chat or just to spend some time in the classy environment. An attempt to instil some art into this building can be seen in modern sculpture and paintings decorating the walls around the hotel. Old photographs of Singapore link the historical significance of this building to Singapore’s heritage.

Aw Yong, celebrating his 21st birthday, has booked an Executive 1-Bedroom Suite to carry out his birthday party. The internet price of this 75 Square Meter Room is 430++ SGD, and Citibank card holders get to book it online for about 406++ SGD.

Ascott Raffles Place - Living Room

The room's interior was classy but not overdone. It was simple yet elegant. The Executive 1 Bedroom Suite has one toilet and a kitchen, dining and living area all in one room. In the other room, there is the bedroom and a toilet.

Ascott Raffles Place - Kitchen

The Living Area has a fully equipped kitchen with cutlery, crockery, utensils, microwave oven, induction cooker, coffee maker and a fridge for people who love to cook. This place will be a nice place for a dinner party beyond home (away from a boisterous younger brother or mischievous niece?). These kitchen equipments were seamlessly integrated with the surrounding wooden furniture to preserve a simple and streamlined appearance to reduce clutter.

Ascott Raffles Place - Bedroom

There is one plasma television in the bedroom and one in the living area with more than twenty channels to choose from. The bedroom also has a BOSE entertainment system. Coming to the bedroom, the bed was firm, which is good for the back and very comfortable. A few of Aw Yong’s friends were completely knocked out after lying on it.

Ascott Raffles Place - Bathroom

Ascott Raffles Place - L'Occitane Soap

The toilet was gorgeous too with toiletries complemented by L’Occitane products and a big bath tub to spend our time away with the soothing waters. Sound was contained within the room quite effectively only loud booming music or extremely loud crowds can be heard along the corridor.

Ascott Raffles Place - Swimming Pool

Ascott Raffles Place - Swimming Pool

Beyond the suite, one can also do some work out in the Gym. The Swimming Pool, measuring 1.2m high is more of relaxation rather than serious swimming. Nonetheless the experience would be interesting as would be able to see the city in the pool through its transparent glass walls.

Ascott Raffles Place - Swimming Pool (Night)

After a nice work out at the gym or a good swim, you could chill out at the Residents’ Lounge area and sip on coffee as you read magazines or chat with your friends.

Ascott Raffles Place - OUB Tower

If that is not enough, head upwards to the 21st storey and enjoy the Jacuzzi or vista the Ascott Raffles has to offer during the day and night with views of Raffles Place, partial views of Marina Bay and the harbour.

Ascott Raffles Place - Scenery

Dining is being catered for by the in-house Julien Bompard Restaurant, you could choose to be lazy and just order via room service or make your way down to the restaurant, located on the second storey for a meal. However, be prepared to pay quite a bit for the meal.

Here is a preview of what is on the Snack Menu that can be found in the rooms, you have the Beef Burger with Fries going for about 22++ SGD, Chicken Consommé with Herbs for 12++ SGD, Tiramisu for 16++ SGD or you could request for their Tapas, ala-carte items by calling them. We only tried the breakfast items, because it is not cheap.

Ascott Raffles Place - 21st Storey

Throughout our one night stay at the Ascott Raffles Place, there are a few points that I thought might provide some valuable feedback. Firstly, the Lounge area was not maintained often enough, used coffee cups were everywhere in the later part of the day, resulting in an unpleasant environment. Secondly, we had problems with the bathroom facilities, the bathtub cold water tap wasn’t working and the dining area light wasn’t working (but they fixed it after calling them up). Lastly, some of the reception for the TV channels weren’t strong such as KBC and History Channel.

Ascott Raffles Place - Walkway

Nonetheless, the overnight stay was a great one.

The Night View was Beautiful
The Room was Great.
The people at Ascott Raffles Place were friendly even for the people at Julien Bompard. The Facilities and Amenities were decent.
The place is highly accessible via Raffles Place MRT
The Location is good. Lau Pa Sat, Market Street Food Centre and Boat Quay is just nearby.
The Reservation is not limited to a 7-Day Minimum
Outside Catering was allowed.
Security is decent as only people with key cards can access the upper floors.

Too bad I didn’t get to enjoy the facilities fully!

Ascott Raffles Place - Green Apples

Last but not least, thank you Aw Yong for inviting me to his birthday party and Happy Birthday to Aw Yong! =)

Ascott Raffles Place

No 2 Finlayson Green,
Singapore 049247

(65) 6577 1688

Local Toll Free
1800 272 7272

(65) 6577 1668


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