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Julien Bompard - Raffles Place

5th of June 2010. Written by Xin Li.

Julien Bompard is one of the reputable names in the fine dining scene in Singapore. The flagship restaurant of Julien Bompard, Le Saint Julien located at the Fullerton Boathouse is ranked 89 out of 1505 restaurants in Singapore (Trip Advisor) and carries a 7.2 rating on HGW as of yesterday.

Julien Bompard - Sugar and Jams

However, today, since I was at Ascott Raffles Place, I decided to drop by the Julien Bompard restaurant downstairs for breakfast. The Julien Bompard restaurant at Ascott Raffles Place also provides the in-room dining service for he serviced apartment.

The restaurant was very quiet and empty with a few residents having their breakfast there. The breakfast menu is much cheaper than their lunch or dinner menus, perhaps to make it affordable for the residents. On the menu, there was the buffet at the Chef Counter at 15++ SGD featuring cold cuts, cheeses, jams, bread, fruits, cereals etc. During weekends, these would be served ala-carte style and weekdays it would be self-service at the Chef Counter.

Julien Bompard - Menu

They also offer Western Breakfast Sets at 12++ SGD with eggs available in overeasy, scrambled, sunny-side up and two side dishes of your choice including Chicken sausage, ratatouille etc.

For the Asian guests, a 9++ SGD Oriental Breakfast is available too featuring Chicken Congee, Fried Rice and Salmon Teriyaki with Miso Soup etc.

For 22++ SGD, you could also have Full Breakfast which includes the Buffet at Chef Counter with either the Western Breakfast Set or Oriental Breakfast Set.

The service was very friendly and polite. Used plates were being cleared promptly and they would ask if there is anything else I need once in a while.

Julien Bompard - Black Tea with Milk Jar

The restaurant looks classy indeed and spacious despite the low ceiling due to the large ceiling mirror. Besides the warm lighting in the restaurant, diffused natural light helps illuminate the place as well, resulting in a cosy environment. I could spend quite some time here observing the street life outside while I sip on tea and sketch.

I had the Buffet at Chef Counter (15++ SGD). I had a cup of Black Tea that came with a cow shaped milk jar, quite interesting.

Julien Bompard - Homemade Muesli

The Homemade Muesli was quite delicious with raisins and oats topped with freshly cut cucumber. It was just nice.

Julien Bompard - Honey Baked Ham

The Honey Baked Ham could do with more honey flavour but it was decent without any fatty bits.

Julien Bompard - Croissants

I love these warm Croissants.

Julien Bompard - Rock Melon & Papaya

Fresh fruits.

I think if I have the choice I might come back again for the buffet counter, for the bread and butter.

Julien Bompard - Western Breakfast

Henry decided to call for room service when I was back at the hotel room. He ordered a Western Breakfast Set for 12++ SGD. He had the Scrambled Egg with Sautéed Potato and Chicken Sausage. The set came with a generous serving of salad which was very fresh and nicely seasoned. The scrambled egg wasn’t the creamy kind but rather of a firmer version. Henry and I felt that while the western breakfast set was above average but for its value, we could probably get better breakfast sets elsewhere.

Julien Bompard - Ascott Raffles Place

2 Finlayson Green
2nd Floor Ascott Raffles Place

Tel: +65 6509 0908

Opening hours
12noon – 2.30pm
6.30pm – 10.30pm


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