Kyoto 京都: The Encounter at Ichisun (一瞬)

Kyoto 京都 - Ichisun (Shichi-jo) 一瞬 七条店

18th July 2010. Written by Xin Li.
I have been slow in posting my Kyoto trips, sorry about that. It has been hectic during the past few months! What's left is the examinations to wrap up this semester.

Kyoto 京都 - Ichisun (Shichi-jo) 一瞬 七条店

Ichisun 一瞬, located along Shichijo Street between Nishii Hongan-ji and Higashi Hongan-ji offers Obanzai ryori, a traditional cuisine that has been passed down through generations of ordinary Kyoto locals.

Kyoto 京都 - Ichisun (Shichi-jo) 一瞬 七条店

I had a Tempura Set 1580 Yen which includes one salad of Kyoto organic vegetables, a bowl of miso soup, a bowl of rice, hiyayakko, a tempura platter and free flow of bottled tea.

Ichisun (Shichi-jo) 一瞬 七条店- Local Green Salad

The Local Organic Greens Salad was made up of local greens to reflect Kyoto's local produce and the restaurant chose to use organic vegetables as part their green effort. It was a nice to take a break from the usual romaine, rocket and butterheads. This vegetable has a woody, herbal kind of flavour and leaves a slight bitter aftertaste. The dressing was quite acidic and sour.

Ichisun (Shichi-jo) 一瞬 七条店 - Assorted Tempura

This is where I had one of my best Tempura meals. Take their ebi tempura for example, beneath its warm and light batter crust lays a juicy, succulent, crunchy and fresh prawn each bite is simply heavenly.

Other kinds of tempura include eggplant, capsicum and lotus root. All of them were done competently with the same oommmph sensation as your savour them.

Ichisun (Shichi-jo) 一瞬 七条店 - Tofu

Hiyayakko - Japanese Chilled Tofu, decent dish to fight the summer heat of July. The portion was very big. Its cold tofu with a soy sauce and chopped green onions to provide a spicy tinge. The tofu's texture was slightly rough.

Kyoto 京都 - Ichisun (Shichi-jo) 一瞬 七条店

It was a delight to find fellow Chinese in the restaurant. The waitress and waiter were actually university students from mainland China. We had a conversation in Mandarin and slowly, Min-Kyung, a Korean lady joined in our conversation too as she was fascinated by the language. It was as like a family gathering!

But not before the solemn looking Japanese sensei who sat next to me joined in our multilingual conversation that ranged from Singapore, studies, food, English and Kyoto. Qianqian, the waitress as well as the waiter were busy translating Japanese to Mandarin and Mandarin to Japanese for all of us.

Kyoto 京都 - Ichisun (Shichi-jo) 一瞬 七条店

The sensei, being in a good mood decided to treat us some drinks (or a “present”) of sake or wine! It was the first time I drank so much alcohol at once. It was amazing how a group of strangers actually open up to each other in such a spontaneous manner.

Kyoto 京都 - Ichisun (Shichi-jo) 一瞬 七条店

The sensei and Min-Kyung were very sweet to walk me back to the ryokan I was staying after the meal. Needless to say, this was one of my best moments in my short trip to Kyoto. If only I could grasp the Japanese language. Luckily universal language of drawing, signs and some head-scratching figuring out of linguistics were there to help. I must thank the sensei for introducing Ryoan-ji which he described as very beautiful.

Ichisun (Shichi-jo)
一瞬 七条店 (いちしゅん)





  1. Ah best meals of a trip - It's funny how we all have 1 particular restaurant in our trips! And it's neither the most expensive, nor the most elaborate. It's always just humble food with sincere service. Now that's something to ponder on. Love the pics and I love reading all about your Kyoto trip (And I'm looking forward to hearing more of your upcoming one, I'm sure)

  2. to Glenn: thanks =) maybe sincere service creates a kind of attachment for the place. I think even in local context it seems to be to be the case



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