Breakfast at Kyoto Train Station (京都駅)

Kyoto 京都 - Kyoto Train Station 京都駅

19th July 2010. Written by Xin Li.

Kyoto Train Station, a gigantic, contemporary piece of structure that is “outstanding”. It is like an enormous spaceship has descended upon the ancient capital of Kyoto.

Kyoto 京都 - Kyoto Train Station 京都駅

If there is one thing I like about architecture is that it has somewhat make me more aware of structures and buildings. So looking back at my Kyoto trip, I grew to appreciate this piece of architecture by Hiroshi Hara more. The architect was also the mastermind behind the iconic Umeda Sky Building located in Osaka.

Kyoto 京都 - Kyoto Train Station 京都駅

The architect, instead of blending into the traditional architecture in Kyoto decides to create a contemporary structure in the ancient capital becoming what would be the second largest train station in Japan after Nagoya train station.

The structure made use of steel and glass for its roof consisting made up of a regular framework of trusses. Ironically, the overall shape resembles a traditional Japanese roof.

Kyoto 京都 - Kyoto Train Station 京都駅

One of the highlights of Kyoto Train Station (besides its numerous shopping malls and a luxurious hotel Kyoto Granvia) is its stairway to the sky garden and their sky bridge which allows you to see Kyoto’s skyline without paying a fee. The view is simply stunning during sunset, pity the glass barriers are quite dirty.

Kyoto 京都 - Kyoto Train Station 京都駅

You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to last minute food or shopping at Kyoto Train Station, the basement there is a multistory Isetan and the likes connected by an underground walkway that ends conveniently at the entrance of Higashii Honggan-ji.

One thing I adore this train station is the huge open public space that is the atrium of the Train Station. However flow-wise, it might get a little confusing if you were to navigate around Kyoto Station.

Kyoto 京都 - Kyoto Train Station 京都駅

On my second last day in Kyoto, I my first encounter with the Japanese breakfast: a combination of grilled salmon, pickled vegetables, rice, miso soup with perhaps a side dish, and a pungent mixture of miso paste with rice/beans. It was a heavy breakfast in short for people like us who are used to a bowl of bean curd, egg and sausage or just bread with Nutella.

Kyoto - 旬彩和食 たちばな

I had my breakfast at this restaurant called 旬彩和食 たちばな serving Kyo-ryori, because I am attracted by the 500 Yen Breakfast Set which came with a cup of tea, a bowl of rice, miso soup, pickled vegetables, salad, grilled salmon and tamago and a bowl of cooked vegetables.

Kyoto 京都 - 旬彩和食 たちばな

Tastewise, I enjoyed how everything tasted clean and simple though but they are not spectacular. The seemed to love their salmon being grilled to a rather firm stage which is not my cup of tea, all in all it was an average but filling breakfast.

Kyoto - 旬彩和食 たちばな : Breakfast

たちばな - Breakfast

Kyoto - 旬彩和食 たちばな : Breakfast





  1. where is that wonderful place where you had breakfast? is it called tachibana? can i have name and address, please? :)

  2. hi which one? The address for the place I had breakfast in Kyoto station is at the end of the post. The food here isn't wonderful though.



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