Anyang : Kaya Toasts at snowmounteen


17th November 2012.
Beomgye, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.
snowmounteen is food chain in Korea specializing in smoothies and ice creams. Its main branch is located in Gangnam but you could easily find these cafes at major Lotte Departmental Stores.

snowmounteen - Kaya Toasts

What is interesting about snowmounteen is their sale of Kaya Toasts (3400 KRW for 8 slices) and out of curiosity, we just had to order one to try. Unlike our good old’ Kaya Toast, snowmounteen serves them with whipped cream drizzled with some sugary syrup. Apart from that, they actually did quite a good job at making kaya toasts that reminded us of home, just the right amount of butter and generous spread of kaya. In contrast Seoul’s Ya Kun’s kaya toasts are like butter toasts.

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