Mini Star Fermented Beancurd | Doesn't Stink So Bad

8th Nov 2014
Post by Mu Yao

After using up our brain juices studying for our media law exam, YS and I decided to head over to Geylang for some rewarding... fun  supper. After all, it is Geylang, right? 

So walking along the stretch of road from City Plaza, our noses came by what we thought was the remnants of a very badly clogged sewage pipe.

It was fermented beancurd.

For the unacquainted, the first whiff of this delicacy could smell like garbage, literally. It's basically tofu that has been fermented for over 6 months, and its strong, acrid smell really turns some people off. To my surprise, it didn't smell as heavy or strong as some of the ones I had in Taiwan — maybe I'm just really gross like that ;)

Yong Sheng and I ordered the Crispy Fermented Beancurd (S$4) and the Fried Intestines (S$4). This came with a pretty delicious red-yeast sauce, which was slightly sweet, as well as a savoury chilli sauce to the side. The green stuff you see is actually pickled cucumber, probably to take away some of that strong taste when it comes to eating this stinky dish.

As for the tofu itself, it was very crispy — think of it as a tau kwa biscotti? It went brilliantly with the sauce, and I love the relatively soft inside. I think the tofu itself tasted a little saltier than the normal tau kwa, but otherwise, this was pretty good. 

Funnily enough, I think the star of the night was actually the Fried Intestines (S$4), which reminded me of a chewier, softer version of ngoh hiang. The texture was a nice contrast to the crispy, bordering on hard beancurd, and I liked the skin, which reminded me of a roasted chicken. Would highly recommend this. 

Overall, our nasal discovery didn't stink that badly after all. Could have hit harder with the tofu (with a stronger taste rather than smell), but the fried intestines saved the night.

A culinary adventure indeed.

Mini Star Fermented Beancurd
795 Geylang Road

Closed on Mondays.
Open daily: 12PM - 2AM

Tel: +65 6744 1353


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