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16th August 2014.
One of the things I enjoyed doing on exchange is cooking because sometimes it gives me the opportunity to make food that reminds me of home and its cheaper even if the school authorities disallow it.

Unsurprisingly, our Katong boy has been cooking quite a lot in Germany during his exchange and when he came back in August, he very graciously and generously invited us over for dinner to taste his cooking. I didn’t get to see the process but the Pork Chops with Apple Chutney was tasty and we had Rosti as well.

 For desserts, we had some Peach with Roasted Pistachio Ice Cream that I got from Creamier. I was with Mu Yao on one of his grocery shopping once in Stuttgart, one of the enjoyable experiences for exchange and cooking is the process of getting the ingredients down to making the final product. Among ourselves we shared how we would go around town searching for certain ingredients and where to get this or that cheaper….the “auntie things” in layman terms.

 It was a lively evening as well when you have artists and designers like QimmyShimmy (Lim Qixuan), QuinnyLummy (Quinn Lum) and CLVN (Calvin Ng) around who will share all sorts of colourful ideas and experiences.

Thank you Mu Yao. 


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