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14th August 2015
I was fortunate to be able to try some of Wan Hao’s Mid-Autumn creations.

For this Mid-Autumn Festival, Wan Hao decided to adopt a more conservative approach but still taking a couple of shots at something different compared to its Dumpling Festival creations where they tried a bit too hard to be unique and the result has been generally positive.

Housed in a simple, elegant red box adorn with golden characters of Wan Hao as well as a peony flower are four of their Baked Mooncakes. 

The star of their baked creations is the Black Truffle with Roasted Chestnut, Waxed Duck and Single Yolk with White Lotus Seed Paste mooncake. The black truffle flavour seemed to have mellowed out in the baking process leaving only a faint hint of it. The roasted chestnuts and waxed duck give a bit more bite and savouriness to the mooncake but overall it does not leave a great impression beyond the aesthetics.

Instead, it was the other baked creations that fared much better and have more distinct character. The Wu Ren with Chicken Bak Kwa is packed full of ingredients which consist of walnuts, pinenuts, chicken bakwa etc and makes for a very crunchy mooncake.

Then there was the Jalapeno and Chicken Bak-Kwah with White Lotus Seed Paste which doesn’t look like much but I enjoyed its simplicity in its combination of spicy Jalapeno and sweet, chewy Bak Kwah embedded within a mildly sweet lotus seed paste. It may be slightly oily but this was quite decent.

Moving on, and housed in a similar packaging are 4 kinds of Snowskin Mooncakes. The classic White Lotus Seed Paste with Egg Yolk is pretty good and not too sweet. Slightly oily though.
Then there is the Sencha Green Tea with Japanese Red Bean where there is a succession of flavours this mooncake possess, the initial fragrance of the green tea, sweetness from the red beans, subtle bites from the pine nuts and a slightly bitter aftertaste from the green tea happening in a cycle.

For a “dessert” mooncake, there is the Teh Tarik with Chocolate Pearls. For a mooncake, the skin and paste seemed to come apart easily for this one but the paste is very sweet with a grainy texture and crispy chocolate pearls. It was quite enjoyable in short.

Lastly, there is the Sour Plum with Portuguese Custard Paste and Lime Puree. I felt this one needs some tuning to do. The sour plum and lime seemed to be too powerful and overwhelmed the entire mooncake with sourness. Among all the mooncakes this one didn’t quite go well with the Oolong tea I had.

Another note is that the lotus seed paste in the mooncakes is less sweet than I expected, which is a plus point for me. You could order their mooncakes here and you can find a list of discounts from the various Credit and Debit Cards here for early bird and regular discounts. If you order before 6th September with one of the credit cards listed, you might get a $50 F&B voucher.

320 Orchard Road 
Singapore 238865

Thank You Eileen from Marriott Singapore Tang Plaza for the mooncakes!


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