Back from Hong Kong

Hong Kong Sketches 2

30th June 2010. Written by Xin Li.

I am finally home from those rainy days in Hong Kong. Oh Sunshine, how I miss it!

Hong Kong is not just another concrete jungle like Singapore, it is a colourful place to visit indeed! A food paradise, a cultural haven, a architectural treasure trove, all in all, a great city to visit.

Spending three days, three nights in Hong Kong is nothing. All I saw was just a tip of the ice berg but I really cherish the opportunity to visit this place after so many years.

I still got so many posts regarding the last gathering and now I have a lot more about Hong Kong! To keep it brief, I am not very impressed by Luk Yu Tea House and Yung Kee Restaurant (except for their century eggs), I enjoyed Hung Village Restaurant and the Salon Joel d’Robuchon the most.

As for Macau, I don’t get what is hype over Macau’s casinos but I really like the tiled pavements and plazas (the Senado Square) and the colonial style cathedrals. Beautiful indeed, pity we visited it on a rainy day. Sigh. Oh, the egg tarts from Café Margaret d’Nata are quite good!

Hong Kong Sketches I


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