Xin Li - Off to Hong Kong

Draw when Hungry and Sleepy 1

Fighting the Z monster after lunch is always a dreadful thing, spending half and hour between the realm of being asleep and awake by nodding in agreement with the front and left right is not a pleasant thing especially during lectures or work.

Then comes the sudden crave for a snack, after fighting the Z monster, unknowingly over-consuming too much junk food like sweets and biscuits within your reach.

One way I tried to battle this is what I call “Draw when Hungry and Sleepy”. Basically, I will draw some random doodles till I get freshened up before resuming to proper work again.

Here are some of the doodles I did. (Army related because my company deals with the military!)

Draw when Hungry and Sleepy 2

Lastly, I am going off to Hong Kong in about 3 hours time! (27th June to 30th June)

Glenn really got me excited about the makan opportunities in Hong Kong and Daniel’s recent posts about Hong Kong only fuel the excitement. Can’t wait to fly to Hong Kong for some good (and affordable) food and architecture!



the moose & snowman

the soft toy. the soft toy.

makan corner

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