Third Gathering - 1 Standing Sushi Bar

Raffles Place - 260610

26th June 2010. Written by Xin Li.

Our Third MOOSE Gathering was a tiny one, with just Yew Ann, Michael, Liang Wei and me. Seemed like the nearer university is, the busier we get. Nonetheless, we had a great time hopping from place to place in search of food from Raffles Place to Telok Ayer.

The sketch above was done as I wait for them to arrive (the SAFTI one was done on another occassion.)

Happy Yew Ann

Standing Sushi Bar was our first stop at Raffles Place, the award winner of Community Best Sushi and Sashimi from HungryGoWhere, how can we miss out this place.

Standing Sushi Bar is no longer a stand-only eatery. They have chairs now, but the friendly service and quality Japanese food still remained.

Standing Sushi Bar - Baby Octopus

We had the Baby Octopus for 5 SGD, Michael’s favourite Japanese dish (my favourite too!). 6 to 7 baby octopus covered with a sweet red sauce topped with sesame, is my kind of comfort food. My only feedback for this dish was that the sauce is slightly thick for my taste but still delightful.

Standing Sushi Bar - Maguro & Sake Sashimi

The Maguro & Sake (12.00 SGD) is a plate consisting of 3 slices of Tuna and Salmon each served with a lump of wasabi. No wonder, they got the community best sashimi. The slices of Tuna and Salmon were quite thick and smooth without a strong fishy aftertaste. Definitely thumbs up from Yew Ann, Michael and me. Pricewise, it was kind of steep if you ask me, twelve dollars for 6 slices, however it was good sashimi for a layman like me.

Standing Sushi Bar - California Maki

We re-visited the California Roll (6.00 SGD) . We enjoyed the lemon sauce/ mayonnaise drizzled on the top of the California Roll. Yew Ann and Michael were very pleased with the sushi.

Green Tea was complimentary.

Overall, we were very pleased with Standing Sushi Bar, the food did not disappoint and in fact it was good. Price wise, you are looking about something around the range of 20 SGD to 30 SGD if you have a few items, plus GST and service charge.

The service was good. The waitress who tended to us was helpful and friendly.

The bill came about 27.05 SGD after GST and Service Charge.

Standing Sushi Bar

Standing Sushi Bar

1 Raffles Place
#B1-02B OUB Centre

Tel: +65 6533 7078

Opening hours
11.30am – 10pm
(Closed on Sun & PH)


  1. i like seasoned baby octopus too... sometimes i can find it at NTUC (:



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