National Day Facelift

Some of you might have noticed some changes to the template, that is because National Day is just about a month away ;)
I will be quite busy in late July and August onwards, so I loaded these up early.


  1. Looking good! Love the way you sketch and draw!

  2. Loving the new outlook my man

  3. to stargirl and Daniel : Thanks! =D
    to Jia Yao : Haha especially your profile pic ah?

  4. i like the new avatar, xinli! thanks! :D

  5. Though I already said it to you over msn, I love your new facelift! Keep up the good work! And meet up before you leave for Japan ya? :)

  6. to azureslash: haha you are welcomed! =)
    to BellaV: thank you (: no prob ;) as long as i am free!

  7. u are really talented! :D
    i saw ur sketchbook on fb so i was wondering if anyone has approached u to do caricatures or sketches for them?

  8. to foodoshoot: thanks =D, yep a few of my friends has asked me to do caricatures and portraits for them before.



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