A Bowl of Dessert @ Dessert Bowl

Dessert Bowl

Dessert Bowl
18th June 2010. Written by Xin Li.

Dessert Bowl is located on the 2nd storey in a shophouse (a more modern version) at Seragoon Gardens. The entrance is just one glass door leading to a stairwell to the second storey that you might walk pass without realizing it.

Dessert Bowl - Model

The eatery has an old school, vintage feel to it with detailed models of the interior of kopitiam shophouse (they even have a miniature good morning towel) and music player that looked like a old radio, basically things that evokes an atmosphere of nostalgia for the Old Singapore.

The place is rather cosy and a nice place to relax when there isn’t a crowd or even a queue forming at the stairwell area. It is because when that happens, it gets really crowded and noisy and somewhat stressful when you realized people are waiting for seats.

There is another dessert shop downstairs that is much empty than Dessert Bowl.

After our dinner at Pow Sing, we headed to Dessert Bowl for dessert (and wait for two more friends to join us). Luckily we were considered early and we managed to get the window seats with sofas and a coffee table. Old photographs and postcards of Singapore featuring sights like the Elizabeth Walk, National Theatre and Van Kleef Aquarium can be found hanging on the wall.

Dessert Bowl - Trio of Desserts

The desserts and drinks are priced around 3 dollars to 5 dollars, reasonable price range.
Dessert Bowl is famous for their Durian Mousse (4.50 SGD) which my art teacher, Miss Lye had (very appropriate for a person who has come back from studying overseas for a long time). From what they told me, the durian mousse has a very rich durian flavour, a heavy dessert.

Dessert Bowl - Durian Mousse

I am not a durian eater. Somehow, I stop eating durians for reasons unknown at some point of my life, a total contrast from my childhood days when I love eating them.

Dessert Bowl - Grass Jelly Dessert

Andre had the Grass Jelly Dessert which I didn’t try.

Dessert Bowl - Milk Custard with Red Bean

Dessert Bowl - Milk Custard with Red Bean

Mei Hung and Shangyi had the Milk Custard with Red Bean (around 4.50 SGD), which is quite okay, it was light tasting and it reminds me of a Panna Cotta, the milk custard seemed to go well with the sweet red bean.

Dessert Bowl - Coffee Prince

I had the Coffee Prince – 3.50 SGD (I didn’t know it was the name of some drama show). It was a cup of coffee with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream like an affogato. Nothing spectacular, a simple dessert drink, it would have been better if the ice cream was of a better quality, it was too icy. However, for 3.50 SGD, it was quite nice.

Dessert Bowl

The service was okay, they were quite friendly and patient.

Andre and Miss Hew

Teachers’ Day may be a little far right now, if you have seen my art around this blog, all these won’t be possible without there three brilliant teachers. For this gathering, I am very glad to able to meet up with them again. Here is Miss Hew,

Dessert Bowl

And Miss Lye who has been in the States for a long time.

Miss Lye

And Mrs Ng who is not around because she has just given birth to a child =)

What they have done for me simply cannot be written down in words, I must say I am very very fortunate to be their student.

Dessert Bowl - Reserved!

Overall, it was a nice place to chill out with some friends (when the place is less crowded). The spread of desserts was quite big too featuring crepes and traditional Chinese desserts etc and the price range is within affordable range.

Dessert Bowl

80A Serangoon Garden Way

Tel: +65 6285 1278

Opening hours
12pm – 10.30pm
12pm – 12am
(Close on Mon)


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